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  • Hello!

    Great plugin(s). I’ve tested well over 5 different custom post types/fields plugins and non of them have as near the quality UI and straightforward UX as yours.

    The only feature lacking for me at the moment is the ability to upload files to a post type entry. For example, if I’m organizing a bunch of journal articles, I’d like to add the PDF to the type without having to use a WYSIWYG editor just for the upload buttons.

    I’m more than willing to test anything you need.


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  • Plugin Author Kal Ström


    Thanks, we appreciate it!

    I’m trying to understand your problem though. Can’t you use the usual upload feature? With or without the WYSIWYG editor. And then the file list field?


    Start with a blank custom post type, no metaboxes whatsoever. If I want to add in an upload metabox/field with More Fields enabled, I have to use the WYSIWYG editor. More Fields doesn’t come with just a file uploader.

    Also, I don’t want to rely (nor do I want my clients to rely) on using the Media Library – it could get confusing. If More Fields adds in a nice simple option for uploading a file or files it could simplify the content creation process.

    Can I briefly touch on the file list field? From a UX perspective, this seems a bit superfluous if the user is already trained and accustomed to using the WYSIWYG editor and the file upload/insert features. Obviously, you guys disagree because you created this field 🙂 What was your reasoning? You don’t have to justify, I’m just curious….

    Seriously, I would love to be your beta tester. Love your stuff.

    kylejones (at) thecorkboard (dot) org

    Plugin Author Kal Ström


    The file list option is not for inserting content like that. (And it really is a user requested feature, not our feature per se.)

    It could, for instance, be used for selecting a flash file without having to deal with that silly object/embed code. Or for selecting a file to another place in the ui.

    I don’t think we’ll add a feature for uploading outside the media library. It’s difficult to keep features like that updated and stable between WordPress updates. We’ve learned that the hard way.

    But it’s possible to add your own field types. The documentation for that is at

    Great stuff. Maybe I’ll try to port over a file uploader metabox from another plugin for custom fields…. or pay someone to do it 🙂

    Anyways, good work and thanks for the communication. I’ll be sure to donate if I get things up and working. I’ve got a donate-to list on Twitter. Are you on The Twitter?

    Plugin Author Kal Ström


    @kalstrom and @hm6612. Cheers!

    I don’t think it makes much sense to upload outside of the internal WP uploading system. That’s one of the things I like about the MF plugin is that it keeps everything integrated so file attachments have all the features normally available to WP attachments, including a post id, attachment meta field capability, etc.

    I second @kalstrom‘s analysis … it may sound great now to bypass WordPress’s core functions … but in the long run it just makes things more difficult.

    @mpvanwinkle77 & @kalstrom

    I should have made my issue a bit more clear. It’s not that I would prefer a field that does not use the built-in WordPress uploader, it’s just I prefer a field that does uploading solely with the WordPress uploader hooked into the WYSIWYG icons without needing the entire TinyMCE text area.

    Just the icons. And maybe a recognition that a file has been attached.

    My fault. I should have been more clear.

    I’d like the same feature for the exact same reasons, I have hidden the WYSIWYG editor and just want the client to be able to attach a file. I am going to check this out:


    I’m looking for the exact same thing.

    An option to add an upload only input field into the write panel of a page. It can definitely use the core WP Media Library on the backend. This feature would really move WP toward being a full on CMS.

    Agreed, I would really like a media upload option as well.

    I totaly agree, that a file-upload-feature would be great! Half a year ago i looked for the same problem and found this plugin:
    The file-uploader from that plugin worked properly for my purposes, also together with the more-plugins. but an easy intergration of a file-upload solution would be a good advancement for the more-plugins (which i really love!).

    thanks for all your great work!

    @kalstrom where can we find the docs for adding custom field types to #MoreFields? Looked on labs. but didn’t see it. I’m gonna try to write the solution this thread seems to be craving (me too!)

    Got it working by ripping up the More-Fields plugin but now I need some help getting to play nice with filters. Can’t seem to get them to fire. Anyone have tips on this code block?

    I’ve got this running in a folder/file I created called more-uploads.php and this is all that’s in there so far except for comments, does it need to be wrapped in a class to properly execute? Thanks!

    add_filter('more_fields_field_types', 'mu_add_upload_field_type');
    	function mu_add_upload_field_type($f){
    		//$f = array();
    		$f['upload']['label'] = __('Uploader', 'more-plugins');
    		$upload_html .= "
    			<input type='hidden' id='%key%' name='%key%' value='%value%'>
    			<div class='mf_file_list_show' id='mf_file_list_show_%key%'>
    				<a href='%value%'>%value%</a> <input type='button' class='button file_list_update' id='mf_file_list_edit_button_%key%' value='Edit' />
    			<div class='mf_file_list_edit' id='mf_file_list_edit_%key%'>
    				<label class='mf_filelist' for='%key%'>%title%</label>
    				<input type='file' class='%class%' id='%key%_temp' name='%key%' />";
    		$upload_html .= "</div>";
    		$f['upload']['html_item'] = $upload_html;
    		$f['upload']['html_selected'] = 'checked="checked"';
    		$f['upload']['html_after'] = '%caption%';
    		$f['upload']['values'] = true;
    		$f['upload']['comment'] = __('Upload files to the media library and use them all in one place.', 'more-plugins');
    		return $f;

    sub & +1 for upload/select from media library feature.


    Seriously I would love to see this move forward. Kalstrom and the rest of the team that developed “more plugins” pretty much never reply to anything.

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