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    I would like to make changes to files in folders tutor/classes/ and /tutor/views/, but I don’t want to lose the changes after updating the plugin. How can i do this?
    1) I made new filters for the archive page and I need to change Course_Filter.php in folder tutor/classes/
    2) I want to make required fields on the frontend pages and I need to change the files in folder tutor/views/metabox/

    thanks for your reply!

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  • Greetings and a good day to you

    You will have to make a lot of customization for this. Regarding customization there is something that you should know.
    The thing with themes and plugins are that each theme and plugin has their own unique behavior and features. The features include every behavior the plugin will execute. Most of the WordPress plugins have their own limitation. The WordPress community is open for all because this community has the sharing mentality among each other. The licenses are done under GPL because of that too. So that these plugins can be modified and used by all of the users in the community. As our products maintain GPL clauses you also have the same freedom of customizing our plugin.

    You can make customization in order to add more filters there is not a problem with that. However when you are asking us to do it I am very sorry but providing customization support is not something that our support services cover. Thus I am still unable to help you with this. It is understandable that you want to make changes and that is fine too. In order to make those changes you need to hire someone from the WordPress community so that they can help you making these changes. I hope this is clear.

    Thank you.
    Best Regards,

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