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  • denhamcoote


    @phazzed – Awesome – any feedback you have will be great! Would love to know how we can improve the next release!



    Guys – I just installed mobilepress and it totally rocks.

    Well done … totally awesome!!!

    This plugin rocks. Any plans of making it compatible with the upcoming WordPress 2.7? I tested it with the nightly and when I click on the Create button to create the mobilepress table, it says the table was created, but it still shows the notification that the mobilepress table still does not exist and asks me if I want to create it. The create button is still there. No problems in saving the options though, but I haven’t tested it on a mobile browser.

    Anyways, this plugin is something I look forward to adding to my roster of permanent plugins I use.

    Just checked again, and it doesn’t save the options in 2.7-almost-beta. Must be a db compatibility issue. Anyway, great plugin!

    Hiya there denhamcoote, all the other “mobile converter” had this issue with cache plugins running simultaneously. I am not using SuperCache but actually am using Hyper Cache (another similar easier to implement caching plugin) and was wondering if it will work with this one as I desperately need a mobile version of my existing blog. My blog is actually a blog related to mobile phones, so you know!! Lol Please let us know about how to do this with Hyper Cache, it really is important.

    Thanks in advance and great plugin of course!!!!!! Will be keeping an eye on your plugin and specially this page.

    Just checked it, it DOES NOT WORK with Cache plugins……….. :((((


    Thanks for the feedback. We have noted that the plugin is not currently working correctly with WP 2.7 at the current moment and will definitely get it working before the official 2.7 launch. It was working with 2.7 up until about 2/3 weeks ago when the WP dev’s seemed to make some drastic changes. We are definitely keeping an eye on it though 🙂


    Thanks for letting us know about your caching plugin. We are having quite a few issues with caching plugins at the moment (as are all the other mobile plugins like you mentioned). We think we may have a fix for the problem and will test and implement it if it works in a future version of the plugin (probably the next big version release of MobilePress).

    No problem bro! I really need this particular plugin to work with the cached versions of posts/pages.

    I also checked out about how to do it you know, and I saw that popularity contest plugin has been made compatible with super cache though, by default, it does not work simultaneously.

    The hack of that plugin was that they used a .JS code in the footer which specifically served for popularity plugin, thus making it act like analytics or bloglog I suppose.

    I have no idea about php and stuff you know, but I know what’s the basic elements that is being pulled into, thats why I was able to let you know about the hack lol.

    Please Please Please make it work somehow or the other so that I and everyone else can use this plugin with cache.

    The plugin is so fantastic, I actually activated it just to see how the theme looks like lol. Very well done!!! Way better than WordPress Mobile and WordPress WAP.

    If you need any information regarding how the mobiles (thats what I am good at, understanding and phuuuuckin with mobile tech lol) detect itself or how wap actually behaves then just whistle me in my existing mobile blog or in here and I will contact you immediately.

    Waiting for the next version most eagerly as you can see lol. Cheers!

    I was really excited to try this out but discovered I had the same problem gormful had but am using WP Version 2.6.3 (no cache tools used).

    I click on the Create button to create the mobilepress table, it says the table was created, but it still shows the notification that the mobilepress table still does not exist and asks me if I want to create it. The create button is still there.

    and when I tested it on the emulators, nothing showed.

    Here’s a link to my site and current plugins used.


    We are working on the fix at the moment and will be releasing it ASAP. Thanks for your support!

    Thanks for the hint about the .JS hack. The problem is a lot of mobile phones don’t render javascript 🙁

    We will let you know as soon as the fix is released 🙂


    What version of MobilePress are you using. We have fixed a few bugs in the latest version 1.0.2. Try that versions (if you haven’t already) and if it doesn’t work then there must be a conflict with another plugin. Let me know if the newest version doesn’t work and if so, I will look into it.

    @mattgeri I’m using the current version 1.0.2

    Where in the table should it show up so I can manually check to see if it’s there.


    MobilePress creates its own table called (your_wp_prefix)_mobilepress in your WordPress database. I am going to take a look and see if it conflicts with any of your plugins that you have installed. It shouldn’t though… I will report back.


    I just finished the code for the caching bug and it is working 100% with my blog which runs WP-Super-Cache. We should be releasing a new version really soon of MobilePress and it will include the caching fix. It should work with the caching plugin you have installed too 🙂

    Damn thats soooooooooo good news for most of the people, but not me. I am using Hyper Cache and now I am sooooooooooooooooo ugggggggghh!! Matt can you please please please take a look at hyper cache? It works the same way like super cache, only difference is that there is no issues of htaccess fix.

    I know most cell phones doesn’t support the java elements, but I thought, something is better than nothing lol.

    I will be really really really grateful to you if you can most kindly work it out with Hyper Cache.

    I am still trying the new version, hoping that it might work out of the blue lol so go right ahead and Sue me!!! And really looking forward to Mobile Press!!

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