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  • Hi,

    Using MM Forms on my site, it seems to be working fine and has been collecting data, and I can see results just in the page itself.

    But when I try to export, the export function seems fine, but then downloading just produces no file. I get the standard 404 and FTP shows no export folder there at all, so no export files.

    Was wondering if I was missing something or haven’t set up something?



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  • I had this problem.

    Go to your plugins/mmforms directory and create a directory called exports. Then when you hit export it will work.

    Mine makes a garbled export that doesn’t look right.

    I too have this problem. I also set this folder to 777 and nothing happens. Anyone else having this issue?

    I’m having the same problem –

    1. On the main MM Forms admin page, I click the “Export” option for the form I want
    2. The “download now” link is then generated under the “Download CSV” column there, and I click on that to download the CSV
    3. Instead of getting the CSV, I get a 404 error page – e.g.

    Unfortunately the folks at MM have thus far refused any assistance unless I pony up 30Euro for support. However, I don’t believe this is a support issue but rather a BUG – here’s why:

    • I’ve disabled all other plugins and I’m testing this with the default WordPress theme, so I’ve pretty much ruled out plugin and theme conflicts.
    • I’m using the plugin with all of its default settings, so user error can be eliminated.
    • I’ve setup and made all the directories writeable as noted in the instructions at

    Yet this plugin still does not seem to export properly to the desired directories – I get a 404 error each time I try to download the export, because it is never actually created. Sounds like a bug.

    Anybody else figure this out?

    Any chance tom belmans, technology expert at motionmill, or Wannes De Loore also of motionmill would be able to provide some advice?

    I’m in trouble, too.

    404 error.
    message – wp-content/plugins/mm-forms/exports/Contact-form-1.csv

    the local environment, even a remote server, NG.
    My environment is WordPress 2.9.1 ,2.9.0 and MM Forms 0.9.6b. php4.
    In exports folder, ‘.csv’ named file exist(no-name).
    The Japanese are using the mail or view in text and form relationships?

    Re: ^ Previous comment ^

    That is exactly the error scenario I’ve experienced. When you use the export and download option within the plugin, you can see there is a “.csv” file created in the exports folder (literally “.csv”, without an actual file name). If you try to open that file, you get a null result. The plugin itself sends you to the 404 error page (b/c the file the plugin expects to have been created in fact does not exist).

    If you are looking for a reliable (i.e. functioning) export option, I’d advice you to AVOID this plugin.

    Tom Belmans, assumed to be the developer of this plugin, initially refused all assistance unless you agree to 30Euro per hour support fee. That’s entirely his prerogative, but this is (I’m 99% certain) a bug and not a support issue. I thought I convinced him of this, as he eventually offered to “spend 2 minutes looking into it” but I never heard back from him and it’s been over 2 weeks now. So… obviously, I’ve long since moved on.

    Shame, b/c as described it looks to be very useful except for this one very unfortunate bug with the export functionality.

    If you are looking for an adequate alternative with form creation and DB export functionality, try the FormBuilder plugin found here:

    WP 2.9.1, MM Forms 0.9.7b

    I go to the MM Forms Settings page, and choose to Export the file, and then I choose to download it, getting a 404 error.

    I then ftp into my server and look in the plugin’s “export” folder, where I find a file called “.csv” — not the name of the file that i was trying to download, but apparently a csv file without a name.

    I downloaded THAT file via ftp and opened it in a text editor. The file contains the column headings, but none of the data in those columns (there should be 3 rows, as 3 people have filled out the form, and I can see their entries in the MM Forms control panel so I know they’re there).

    Otherwise the plugin works well, but as I chose it over Contact Form 7 because of the data-storage and -export capabilities (unlike most other WP form plugins, which just email the form contents and don’t store them anywhere), I’m going to check out formbuilder. Thanks for the tip, @luispunchy!

    Seems as if this only occurs with the first (default) form…
    Create new forms and the csv export function will produce the desired csv file(s).

    Good spot supersel!

    I am also running WP 2.9.1, MM Forms 0.9.7b, and creating a new form works perfectly.

    In my case, creating a new form, the export still doesn’t work. the variable $includes somehow got overwritten in the wordpress. I have to modify the source code to get it working. Here is to share:
    $includes = ABSPATH . PLUGINDIR . ‘/mm-forms/includes/’;
    require_once $includes.’class_actions.php’;
    in mm-forms/mm-forms.php

    Hope that helps.

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