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[Plugin: MiniMU] Category links

  • this looks very interesting. I installed it without a hitch and all seems well. Here is my question:

    assume 2 domains

    DomainA.com and DomainB.com

    1. Category links – I assigned category to DomainB.com and removed it from DomainA.com however my category link on DomainB.com has a link to DomainA.com. Now when I click it I get the DomainB.com theme but my URL says DomainA.com/category/catname

    SEO: How does this effect a domain names SEO? Can you optimize the secondary domain names?



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  • Plugin Author shelkie


    Hi AJ,

    I look a look at the scenario you outlined, and am seeing the same thing. If a category only appears on one domain, any links to it should reference that domain. Look like a bug I’ll need to fix – thanks for pointing it out.

    SEO: What do you mean by “optimize the secondary domain names”?
    Another SEO concern I’ve had is the issue of potentially showing the same content on two domains, and whether Google may see this as being spammy. I’ve thought about adding a noindex meta tag to mitigate this.


    Is this a quick fix?

    SEO question just wondered if any potential SEO problems might be for the parked names – other than the duplicate content potential problems.

    Yes, this would be a quick fix. I would not implement this plugin without a custom solution at all because of this.

    Need a way to associate pages with sites. I will be working on a solution myself. My solution may not be pretty code wise, but it will work. I know PHP but I don’t write it everyday.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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