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  • Yes same problem here… looks like the author does not respond since its been 2 months since the last bug report and no answer. damn shame great plugin but cannot edit meta style color in firefox 13.x, works on in IE9 thou.



    leave this plugin … huh .. i removed it

    Not working for me either………….


    wanted to edit the red color for Login/Logout but edit is disabled.
    Instead find the code in wigdet-parts.php and replace the part that pulls out style=”color:red;”

    function linkloginout_display($args) {
    			extract($args, EXTR_SKIP );
    		$redirect = $redirect ? $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] : '';
    		if(is_user_logged_in()) {
    // Original Line echo "<li".MiniMetaWidgetParts::styleclass($stylegeneralli,$classgeneralli)."><a href=\"".wp_logout_url($redirect)."\"".MiniMetaWidgetParts::styleclass($styleloginout,$classloginout).">".__('Log out')."</a></li>";
    			echo "<li".MiniMetaWidgetParts::styleclass($stylegeneralli,$classgeneralli)."><a href=\"".wp_logout_url($redirect)."\"".$dummyspace.">".__('Log out')."</a></li>";
    		} else {
    // Original Line echo "<li".MiniMetaWidgetParts::styleclass($stylegeneralli,$classgeneralli)."><a href=\"".wp_login_url($redirect)."\"".MiniMetaWidgetParts::styleclass($styleloginout,$classloginout).">".__('Log in')."</a></li>";
    			echo "<li".MiniMetaWidgetParts::styleclass($stylegeneralli,$classgeneralli)."><a href=\"".wp_login_url($redirect)."\"".$dummyspace.">".__('Log in')."</a></li>";

    it must be a problem with js.
    my workaround is to rename the minimeta-options.js
    in the plugin folder /app/js

    Now all edit options shows on config-page.
    So i can change all the settings.

    maybe this works also for you

    what did you rename it to?

    my plug-in shows a form below the configuration settings, but they get covered up and no edit link shows at the right hand end of any of the settings as shown in the screenshots on the plug-in description page

    shame, because this plug-in seems very promising!!

    the problem is caused by an unnecessary comma at the end of the selector-string in minimeta-options.js at line 18. (and line 8.):
    ‘div:has(div > input),

    Thanks for that fix, it works for me too! Simply remove 2 commas and it is done!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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