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  • I had no idea how v4.0 is supposed to work. I didn’t have the first clue where to start. I went back to using v3.5.9. What am I missing?

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  • Hello,

    Until 3.4.9 MMW worked like a charm but 4.0 crashes my 2.6.3 install with:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_create_nonce() in /foo/bar/wp-includes/functions.php on line 1383

    Crashed my entire site, same exact error as the above poster. Had to move it out of the plugins directory to get my site back up.

    This Error cames if you use autoupdate from WP.
    If you Update the plugin by uploding via ftp it works.

    I searching for the error….


    My web site is crashed and I don’t have a ftp access handy to delete MiniMeta folder, but I have a PhpMyAdmin access.
    Which key must I delete to deactivate MiniMeta and bring my site back ?


    Hi, i dont use autoupdate and try the 4.0 Version on different WP instalations, all crashed, full site error!

    Better dont update the plugin now, hope Daniel fix the errors fast, i love MiniMeta 😉


    In case it can, help, the stuff is in dbname_options and the entry is active_plugins, just look for miniçmeta entry and delete it (delmete what is between the two ;

    Hello is previous version available somewhere ,

    anyone know where i can change the size of the login form? Ive looked everywhere.

    My blog crashed too after update.

    My blog didn’t crash thanks goodness, but Minimeta disappeared after the update, and when I tried to re-add it to my widhgets, no options were available (it just had a pop-up menu saying “none”).

    Anyway, thankfully I kept 3.5.9, which fixed all the bugs from previous versions, and did everything I wanted – an essential plug-in IMHO. Why change the architecture of the plug-in when it was already working perfectly well?

    Argh! The changes in 4.0 are NOT good. In previous versions you could actually SEE the options and configure them conveniently in the widgets page.

    And with the new changes there is almost NO documentation in English.

    Bad. Very BAD.

    Please either bring back those options or revert the code. 4.0 is nowhere NEAR as good like this.

    All of the same options are still there, they have just been moved. They are not in the widgets page anymore.. they are under the design tab – just make a name for new widget option, then the option will be in sth spry acordian below it. I just wish there was an option to change the size of the form login box. but there allot of new great options. I say … nice effort but still could be improved..


    does someone have a link to v3.5.9? Version 4.0 is terrible and there is little to no documentation on how 4.0 works.

    ok I just figured it out. It seems that you have to create a new meta widget and then set it up under widget option.

    I wish the “usage” guide in the settings page was a little more descriptive.

    I’m using plugin with 2.7-beta2.


    let me say some thinks…..

    I have tested yesterday with the problem withe the autoupdate feuter of WordPress. In WP 2.6.x and lower i will have the problem too and im sershing again. In WP 2.7 dev i can not find a problem.

    The Options Page:
    1.I will implement some more featurs in the widget but it will too many and to dificuld for Widget Options box.
    2. if you remove a Widget all Options are deleted that are not on Options Page.
    3. U can place more widgest with the same Options with only one select. And it can for K2SBM, widges or PHP function.
    The Options Page make some many thins easyer than make it in the widget and i have long time think over this step.

    Th 3.5.9 Version can found under “Older Versions” on WP Plungins Page for MiniMeta Widget

    And I will make more on the usage tab.

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