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  1. Sheila
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Someone else posted this on the Carpauj forum a week ago with no response yet. I'm having the same issue so thought maybe we'd get more attention here...

    Original Poster: WP 3.3.1 and Mingle Forum 1.0.33. When replying or adding a new topic, the topic/reply do get added, but a user doesn't know that, because after hittng the submit button, the screen turns white and the url says: http://skeptik.si/wp-content/plugins/mingle-forum/wpf-insert.php Image I then go back to the home page and press on "forum" again and when i get to my topic, the newly posted reply/topic is there. However a user would not know that.

    My additional information:
    My install was working perfectly. I suspect something went awry on the last upgrade. I have Version 1.0.33 on the site with the issue. The dev copy of the same site hasn't been updated. It's still running Version and it's OK. SO I downloaded the older version from the repository to fix this short term. Then I realized I'm not sure HOW to regress. It's not like an update! If I remove the plugin and add the old one I'm afraid I'll lose my settings and customizations. If I copy over the existing one with the old files I'm also afraid I'll screw something up. Please advise.

    I sure hope Catpauj makes a fix because the 1.0.33 is a security fix. I hope we get some response to this asap. THANKS!


  2. Sheila
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have a little update but still need help. I've determined that the recommended fix to wpf.class.php that was previously applied for adjusting the post icons from vertical to horizontal seems to be the cause of this white screen. Now I have to figure out how to re-fix that issue as the old fix no longer seems relevant. I can't find the same code to tweak in the wpf.class.php file anymore! Here's that icon fix thread if it's useful to see what those changes were: http://cartpauj.icomnow.com/forum/mingle-forum-plugin-group1/support-forum6/smilies-editing-icons-display-vertically-instead-of-in-rows-thread2055/


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