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    I have an issue with Mingle Forums not acknowledging my presence. basically, it says my last visit was over a week ago, even though I have been working in and around the forums since I installed them. I have even made posts in the time since, but it still says “Your last visit was: March 13, 2012, 16:26”

    This means it is marking all posts since that time, even the ones I created, as unread. Anyone have this issue?

    I wondered if this has anything to do with the fact that I changed my username from “admin” to “Admin” <—I just capitalized the A. But I wonder if it now considers me not the same user somehow, even though it recognizes me as logged in?

    If this is the case, I wonder if a tweak to the code could be proposed. Earlier today I ran across an unrelated thread which was addressing an issue with thread subscriptions.
    Specifically, the writer noted that subscriptions are handled by Mingle Forums by grabbing the e-mail address and pulling from a stored list of addresses to send notices. This caused an issue whereby if someone changed their e-mail in their profile, the notices would be sent to the old mail saved in the database; or similarly if someone closed their account/profile/left a site, they would still be getting notices from the forum to their e-mail.

    His solution was calling on stored user ID numbers instead, which are in turn associated with e-mail addresses in the database. That way if someone changes their e-mail, it gets sent to the correct address. And if they delete their account, it won’t go anywhere.

    I imagine this would be the same thing with regard to User Names vs. ID numbers. Could it create a user ID number, assigned chronologically I assume, and associate it with the user’s profile name and address. That way if anything changes, it doesn’t mess up the data association in the forum database.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Ive got the same problem.

    My topics arnt marked as read!
    My last login stays at like a week ago.

    How can i change this so that when i read an article it disappears form the New Posts?


    I have the same problem, forums are market as unread, only when you post something “NEW” dissapears.

    Plugin Author cartpauj


    Right now it works a bit funny. You’ll have to close your browser to have it reset. You can also click the “Mark All Read” link at the bottom of the front forum page.

    Any idea to fix it ?

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