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    HI. I downloaded and installed the plugin but there is no way for me to create a new post. How do you do it? Is it possible? The videos don’t help because they show different layouts and navigation that simply is not there. I can’t find any way to create a new post. Can anyone please help?

    Maybe there’s an option that needs to be checked or unchecked somewhere? I’m wondering if this can work if I am the WordPress Administrator but there is no way to create a new post.

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  • I unknowingly found the way.

    In the Left Side bar:

    Go to Mingle Forum —> Forum Structure —-> Mingle Forum >> Categories and Forums—>Add New.

    This the category you have added.

    On the right bottom of the new category, you will see ‘add Forum’. Click on this. And add the Forum name.

    Now go to the page. You’ll see that you can create a new post.

    Thanks for this input.

    I gave up on the plugin and went back to BuddyPress after trying the plugin out and getting nowhere fast.

    Have you actually used this plugin on your website and does it actually work? Every site that I’ve gone to (thus far) with it, has it as a blank area with nothing there.

    I use it for our guild forums. So far we’ve gone through the BBpress and Simple:Press as options. The former was too light and the latter was bloated and ugly. Apparently simple:press now charge for access to their support forums.

    We’ve been using Mingle since May and although Mingle Forums can be a bit light and doesn’t offer all the customisation that we’d want ideally for our niche use of it, I’ve found it to be reliable and we like it enough to start skinning it to match the rest of our wordpress. While admittedly not the most intuitive of forums that I’ve used (at least as a visitor), its caused me the least BS as an admin, and so I don’t mind compiling a little hints and tips section for our members who want to get the most out of it.

    With the PM plugin also made by the developer, we’ve found the forums to be a happy medium. While sometimes I entertain thoughts of attempting to bridge PHPBB for a more complete and integrated package, I don’t think the wall next to me can stand too many more blows, nor could my forehead.

    I did find youtube instructions for the Mingle Forums and they’ve been helpful. Maybe the reason why the forums appear blank is because the site admins have hidden the shortcode on a private page. We used to do that till we bit the bullet and decided to add members manually to usergroups to allow better access control.

    I look forward to the developers next forum plugin and what I’ve read it’s going to go further than Mingle in functionality. A few searches indicate it’s been under development for a long time, but I think the person is a one man army.

    I might have had the same problem. I couldn’t start a new topic either. Then I deactivated my other forums, and it all works out well.

    I tested mingle and decided to use it on my site. all seemed good.

    So I made fresh install of wordpress on a new subdomain as per the testing. Then just installed the theme and mingle forum plugin and now I cant make new topics despite being able to do it on other test sites.

    Whats wrong ?

    Any help ?

    after a bit of swearing and testing, it seems that there is a bug with the pluging and static pages.

    If you try make the plugin page the static Front page then you cant do anything with the pluging. So I have had to make another page static.

    Any idea whats causing this and if there is a way to make the forum page the static font page.

    If you’re using the forum as your front page, why to just use regular forum software like phpBB or SMF?

    If you’re using the forum as your front page, why to just use regular forum software like phpBB or SMF?

    I understand, but its much easier to use the existing wordpress template and just add a plugin.

    I have no experience with phpBB or SMF and I am not a coder, so making these BB’s look like my wordpress website will be alot of unecessary work.

    Thanks for the reply tho.

    Don’t make it your static front page via a sub-directory. Just put the short code on a regular page.

    the mingle forum is installed I went to forum and categories and add new nothing appeared on the page HOW TO CREATE A FORUM ON THE PAGE


    I had the same problem. I couldnt find the button that says “create new post”. But then I found the mistake. Mingle has a wrong translation for the german version. It says “Neues Thema Abonnieren”(subscribe post) but when u click it it does “Neues Thema erstellen” (create post). therefore none of my thousands of website users did use the forum at all 🙂 But now I explained it to them and it kinda works. But it still is very annyoing. Is there a way to change that wrong translation text?


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    You can change the translation by editing the /wp-content/plugins/mingle-forum/i18n/mingleforum-de_DE.po & .mo files with a tool like Poedit.

    Open the .po file in the Poedit program. Then change the translation, and save. It will save a new .po and .mo file. Both files need to be re-uploaded to the i18n/ folder on your server.

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