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  • aliasmask


    I’m looking to turn off the comments in my theme (Breeze) and somehow enable comments to be entered directly in to a forum thread. Ideally, I would like it to be integrated in the blog entry where the user can post, but not browse the other threads from this blog post. They could link to the cookie crumb links leading to the thread which would bring them to the forum topics.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    With no coding, I see that I can just add a “Comments” button to the end of the post that links to the desired thread, but it would be nice if users would stay on the blog post page.

    This has more to do with integration than specifically mingle, but ultimately, I would like to publish a blog post which creates a new thread under the desired topic based on the category. When visiting the blog threads, it will bring you to the blog post with the forum comments listed below. I’ve seen blogs with facebook integration very similar to what I’ve mentioned, but I would like a more powerful comments section where a user can add images, videos and have more formatting options.

    Any additional help will be appreciated.

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