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  • I installed Mingle and created the pages it required, and they were simply blank pages with which Mingle did nothing.

    I have been scouring the Net for info, the author mentions he might create some docs, but there’s still no sign of them, not a single bit of info other than something along the lines of “create the pages and then configure Mingle to use them”. In my case, this did nothing so I deleted the pages and uninstalled the plugin. I did try to go to the author’s site, and the link he directs the reader to:, but there is no info of any kind at either spot (perhaps the dubupee link had info at one time… I’ve been unable to make the “demo” appear or find any “tutorial” on the site).

    I’m guessing my theme has compatibility issues (I’m using Constructor), or perhaps a plugin conflicts, but I would simply love the slightest bit of info on how this works, what I might be able to do about it.

    Any help is welcome!

    Looks like a great plugin, I’d love to know what I’m doing wrong, or what might be conflicting and get it working.


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  • Anyone who might have info, let me know what might be useful to see/know from my installation.

    I have confirmed that it does work with Constructor theme, and I do have it running elsewhere. Must be a plugin conflict. Will narrow it down and report to the authors when I find out I see Dub U Pee site has the installation demo working now as well, so that’s good.

    I agree for the need of documentation, however, this plugin is still in pretty rapid development as far as I can see. One of the best things, I can see is registering for the Mingle community and seeing a real live sample of mingle working.

    Most of the features are fairly intuitive, at least if you’ve used facebook, as it’s based on FB features.

    Hello, I’m the guy from, and that page is just an informational page about the plugin. And the video just shows you how to set Mingle up.

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