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  • MinePress is well under way!

    • Dynmap Integration: I just finished Dynmap integration, in part thanks to WordPress user onkoistudios for the donation of a test server for me to work with.
    • Validator: Validator should now work across all server platforms. Additionally it no longer requires the pesky url-file-access function.
    • Votifier Integration: The backend for working with Votifier is mostly finished, just have to write the actual display components.
    • MineQuery Integration: My original plans for MineQuery integration are no longer relevant, as Minecraft server itself now includes this functionality… so unfortunately that module will have to be rewritten.
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  • When will this be released as I am in need of the validator working again on my site as it is causing problems with other plugins which use Minecraft usernames.
    And the new plugin sounds good, just what I need for my site!

    MCV has been updated to v1.3! This update fixes all known issues, as well as cleans up a LOT of unnecessary code and removes the dependency on URL File-Access!

    • Dynmap Integration: DONE!
    • Validator: DONE!
    • MineQuery Integration: DONE!
    • Minotar (Avatar) Integration: DONE!
    • Votifier Integration: In progress

    What else is everyone looking for?

    Trying to visualize membership and location of nations, cities and members is really difficult. If there was a way you could integrate a visual outline of them, and (using something like BuddyPress) display dedicated forums for each of those so users can see who the players are and easily communicate with them, that would be awesome!

    I have to say, I am very excited to hear you are still doing this! You are making a great thing here! Everything you have on that list is either something my server already has or something I’ve been wanting to do (like the votifier integration) If you could give us an idea of when this will be available? Also, our server website is, Check us out! 😀 If this minepress works for us our server is more than willing to make a donation to your work, Have a great day! -Qharouff

    I don’t have a set launch date for MP, but hopefully it won’t be long. My goal is ten modules for launch, and I’m struggling to figure out the best ten that should be included! As previously mentioned, I’ve got four complete, so that means I’ve got to figure out six more…

    MP is also designed to be modular and extensible… You can enable/disable modules at will so things you don’t need aren’t cluttering up your site, and adding new modules to the platform should be fairly simple as well!

    If you have any requests for modules you’d like to see included… let me know!!!

    One more little update… I’ve got one fairly big change happening with the votifier module. It’s being replaced with an MP extension tentatively named MP Log Viewer. The new log viewer module will operate in roughly the same fashion as MP itself… it is modular and is capable of handling logs from various Minecraft plugins. You only enable the modules for plugins you are using… again, no clutter!

    I don’t know if you were planning on doing this or not but integrating The Minecraft Validator into MP, also adding the option of password authentication. I know I saw someone post this: I was thinking a one time minecraft password entry at sign up.

    McV is already integrated into MP. Password authentication isn’t a bad idea though… I’ll look into it.

    Any chance you’d have a solution to names shorter than 3 characters, and use of capital letters in the name?

    Can you elaborate?

    I’ve added the ability for MP to optionally verify MC passwords, and added a function which should (also optionally) allow usernames with less than four characters.

    in my tests (and as far as I’ve been able to determine from docs), usernames aren’t case sensitive and have no limit… can someone verify this?

    Hm, I wonder if it was BuddyPress limiting it then. I had issues before signing up with any username and had capital letters in it, or names shorter than 4 characters. I must note that this is making a username NOT from the admin panel.

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