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    Hey Mime Type Link Icon Maker,

    I am new to using WordPress, and on top of being new, I’m trying to use wordpress as a CMS, content management platform ( a very basic one at first) I am in the architecture profession so I have no code training, but have spent quite a few hours sifting through code to try understand how WordPress and CSS, PHP etc works.

    My question to you is how easy it would be to add another icon set or sets? Either from a user download end or from you the developer? I downloaded your plugin and tried it and works great, but I was just curious and haven’t really looked through the code too hard yet.

    And did you simply resize the icon images without worrying about resolution? not that it should matter because they’re pretty small, but I was just curious, if i ended up putting in my own icons if there is some sort of a database of these icons at all sizes or if you have to make them…. again, newbie here.

    icon sets I am possibly looking into:

    Otherwise, very handy plugin, keep up the good work!

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  • Plugin Author eagerterrier



    Sorry for not replying sooner – seems like I don’t get automatic emails when someone posts here. I’ll try to sort that out.

    As for your query – I simply added all the icon types I could think would be handy. If people find there are more icons they find handy, I will add them.

    To whit, I have added your mime type icons today and uploaded to the repository. They should be available to download in about an hour’s time.

    However, should you wish to add icons in the future, your options are three:

    1. Post a follow up here. I will do it as soon as possible.
    2. Change a current file type to one you like – ie amend line 29 of mime_type_link_images.php and replace docx with gif, for example. Change lines 63 and 121 to reflect these changes (change enable_docx to read enable_gif) and then add your images to the images folder
    3. Augment the $mtli_available_mime_types array on line 29 with your chosen file type extension – ie add ‘gif’ to the end of the line. Then add your new extension $mtli_default_options['enable_gif']=false; after line 72. Do the same after line 130. Then add your images.

    As to the images themselves, start with a 256×256 good quality image. Then resize down. It’s normally necessary to use the sharpen filter once when you get down to 64×64 or 48×48. If you have made your own graphics, then adjusting the text layers to be bigger proportionally when you get down to that size is a good idea.

    Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




    Hi TC,

    I find your plugin very useful. I was wondering if support for the following mimetypes could be added:

    – png
    – gif
    – txt
    – other archive files such as tgz/tar/tar.gz


    Plugin Author eagerterrier



    Good idea.

    I’ve had a slight problem reported by some other users, so won’t be able to get onto this until next week, but keep an eye out for updates.

    I have downgraded this thread to ‘not resolved’ as a reminder for me.

    Thanks for the feedback


    Plugin Author eagerterrier


    OK, Srinath. Other problem has been solved, so in the forthcoming release we have:


    Any others you want?

    I should be releasing this later on this week, or early next week

    That’s great TC. Thanks a lot for your quick response. Some other extensions that could come in really handy (and if you do have time to incorporate them) are:
    – .tex for LaTeX files
    – .bib for BibTeX entries
    – .avi, .mp4, .wmv, .mov, etc. (I know there are a lot but just mentioning a few)

    BTW I am just curious as I haven’t worked with PHP much, would it be possible to extend the plugin to handle two “dot” extensions like .tar.gz?

    Thanks for this very useful plugin. I look forward to the release!

    Plugin Author eagerterrier


    Srinath – 14 icon types added just now. Should be showing up in the next hour or so.

    Version 2.0.7

    I haven’t done any movie types yet, as I can’t find a decent logo, so I’m probably going to have to make one, which may take a while

    Hi TC,

    I apologize for not responding earlier. I just had the time to test the updated plugin.

    Thanks a lot for adding support for many new types. Many types work fine but some don’t seem to be working. I tried out the following:

    1. PDF – Works
    2. ZIP – Works
    3. PPT – Works
    4. TXT – Does not work
    5. BIB – Does not work

    I also tried them out in different settings – png/gif and all sizes, and different themes including the default theme.

    Plugin Author eagerterrier



    It is I who should apologise. I didn’t test the new version as it was simply adding new mime types, rather than changing core functionality.

    I must have made a typo somewhere.

    I’m a bit snowed under at the moment, but as this shouldn’t take long to spot the error, I will try and get on it by the end of the week.


    Plugin Author eagerterrier


    Actually, Srinath, I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I’ve shelved the other work and fixed the problem

    New version 2.0.8 should be with you in the next hour.

    Thanks a lot TC! The plugin now works fine in PNG/GIF modes and all sizes. I tried it out on the types that I mentioned in my previous post.

    Thanks for the awesome support!

    Plugin Author eagerterrier



    Great news. I’ll try and get the last few icons done before the end of the month if I can.

    In the meantime, don’t forget to rate the plugin! 😉

    Thanks TC. Of course; nothing less than 5 stars would do 🙂

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