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  • I’m trying to clone a WordPress site from a staging server to our live server using the “Restore from URL” option, while the restore seems to be successful in migrating themes and other files it does not update the database with posts and other content. I have downloaded the backup zip and checked to confirm that the database within is correct. There is no error upon executing the restore function either. Unfortunately I do not have access to the backend of the new site so I cannot restore the tables via PHPMyAdmin. What could be the problem?

    For reference here is the staging site:
    And here is the site to where we are migrating:

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    It’s incredibly frustrating that there is zero support for what seems to be a very popular plugin. Where are the authors and why won’t they respond?

    I’m having the same problem. When the author won’t respond, it usually means they’ve decided the trouble supporting the product is not worth what they’re making from it. This is endemic to Open Source. In the end, you always get what you pay for. I’d suggest buying a paid product an moving on.

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    Thanks for the response @rickchapman. Sorry to hear that there are many of us having this problem, do you have any suggestions for a paid alternative to wpclone or are you still looking into that yourself?

    Taking a close look at Backup Creator. Seems reasonably priced and I know someone who’s used it to backup several sites successfully.

    Make sure any solution you look at can handle larger sites. For instance, there are products that have limits on how large a site it can handle. Also be careful when dealing with 32 bit servers as they can’t handl files larger than 4 gig at a time.

    My site db was “destroid” by new upgrade of WP Clone! I get some magic bugs after restore. I liked this plugin pls. set back earlier version!

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