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    I used this plugin long time ago and I was really satisfied with the obtained results. However, I’ve used it again on a new website and I’m having problems. The results list in the post editor never display any result. I see that some months ago some pople were having the same problem and on this topis there isn’t any clear answer. Do you know any solution for this problem? When the ajax request is suposed to be running I get the following error with firebug:

    After a while, I also get the following message for the POST request at the file

    <?xml version='1.0' standalone='yes'?><wp_ajax><response action='autosave_59933'><autosave id='59933' position='1'><response_data><![CDATA[]]></response_data><supplemental><active-post-lock><![CDATA[1325250682:2]]></active-post-lock></supplemental></autosave></response></wp_ajax>

    Hope we can find a solution.

    Thank you!

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  • I’ve never been able to get this to work, whereas other related posts plugins seem to function just fine.

    I assume, since you wrote this 3 months ago, that the author is no longer interested in developing this plugin.


    Plugin Author microkid



    Version 4.0 should fix this issue. Can you please check?

    Still doesn’t work. 🙁


    Plugin Author microkid


    IT might have something to do with an old javascript file being cached. Can you empty your browser cache and try again?

    Emptied cache on two browsers (current Safari and Firefox for Mac OS X). Hypercache plugin cache emptied. Quit browsers and launched them again. Your plugin never works. But Better Related Content didn’t miss a beat. Made sure one was disabled when the other was running.



    Plugin Author microkid


    Alright, or you could try to be a little more specific about what’s going on. Try installing version 4.0.1 and see if that solves your issue.

    Specific? It doesn’t work. There is no Related Posts content below the post. The theme is pretty normal, and other related post plugins seem to function.

    Tried 4.0.1. Still doesn’t work.


    Plugin Author microkid


    Yeah, thanks for being so constructive. You do realize that I’m just trying to help fellow WordPress users with my work right? Nobody pays me for this.

    Anyways, perhaps this might be obvious, but concidering that all other plugins automatically generate related posts, and mine creates the functionality of manually selecting related posts, did you actually select some posts on the post edit screen?

    Well, tell ya what. I’ll just use the other plugins. Bye.


    I’ve been using this plugin for 6 months with no issues whatsoever. I updated to 4.0.1 from version 3.?, and it cleared out all of my existing, manually set related posts and pages.

    I started to relink the pages first but noticed right away that it was not functioning as nothing showed on the pages. I think the problem is that Related Pages (and possibly Posts but I have not tried these yet) do not get saved after they are linked and the page updated. I checked this plugin link interface on the page after a related page is linked/saved and the entries I linked are missing – thus, is appears they do not get saved to the database for some reason when the page is updated.

    I am using the plugin’s default CSS.

    If I change “What should be displayed when there are no related posts?” to None, then Related Posts shows on the page with None – so I know the plugin works, it just doesn’t have any data to present.

    I hope this helps.


    I think I figured out how to get it to function. Since this was an update from a previous version, I wondered if something went wrong. So I deactivated the plugin and reactivated it, and presto! It started to work again.

    One question MicroKid, your plugin use to list related items with bullets or something like that… now it lists the items with nothing – they look like they just hand in space. Basically an unordered list with no bullets.

    You can see what I am talking about here:

    Any chance you could add bullets or something like that? It use to have them in the default CSS.

    Thanks for your work on this plugin Microkid.


    Plugin Author microkid


    Hi cfisher,
    Glad you got it to work. The problem was that with 4.0 some columns were supposed to be added when upgrading, but it appears the hook that supposed to be used for that doesn’t work.

    Anyways, this should be taken care of in version 4.0.2

    As for your question about the bullets, with version 4.0 comes a default CSS file that’s loaded. I added this to make the new thumbnails function work nicely. You can easily turn this off though, there’s an option on the plugins settings page:

    “Would you like to use the default CSS provided for some basic styling of your related posts?”

    Just set this to “no”. Let me know if this works!

    Thanks for the quick response.

    Setting that to “no” shows nicely with bullets now! Thanks!



    I am running into this problem even though 4.0.2 is installed, wordpress is most recent version 3.3.1, but it only happens on new posts and pages.

    I can search for related posts, choose them, but when i save or publish a post/page the related Posts and Pages are not saved and don´t show up, also the “none” if nothing is related does not show up
    I tried deactivating and reactivating even deleting, clearing the database and reinstaling.
    But still related posts/pages are not saved.
    On older posts the related posts and pages are still displayed

    Here are the settings (in german):
    Verwandte Posts automatisch unterhalb des Post-Inhalts anzeigen?
    Sollen Beziehungen auf beiden Artikeln dargestellt werden?
    Nein, Link nur auf einer Seite anzeigen
    Welcher Titel soll angezeigt werden?
    Weitere zum Thema passende %posttype% auf dieser Webseite
    Would you like to display thumbnails with your related posts?
    Would you like to use the default CSS provided for some basic styling of your related posts?
    No, I will add my own CSS styles
    How would you like to order your related posts?
    Welche Post-Typen dürfen verwandte Artikel haben?
    Sollen unterschiedliche Post-Typen in getrennten Listen oder in einer kombinierten Liste dargestellt werden?
    In einer Liste kombinieren

    I would appreciate any suggestions.
    KInd regards, Viktor


    i am having the same problem as Viktor Leberecht. using V4.0.2 in wordpress 3.3.1.

    the related Posts and Pages are not saved and don´t show up for new post/page,but it is showing the related posts for older post/pages.

    any suggestion? will it help if i get back to any previous version of the plugin?


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