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  • I’m having a problem adding slides. I do an Add New Slide, choose a featured image, hit Publish, then go back to my list of slides and it’s not there! Really! I’m not just pressing the back button! I mean, I go and look at the list of slides and no matter what, when I publish, it just goes away or doesn’t save. No error. Other content (pages, posts) are working fine. Is this a compatibility issue with 3.1?

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  • Does your slide post have a title? If the post doesn’t have a title WordPress won’t save it.

    Ah hah! That was it! I wasn’t putting in a title!

    Yet even so, at the top it was reporting “Slide published.” when I pressed the publish button! Is this something you can verify in your plugin on publish that a slide as both a featured image and a title or you pop up a message saying a slide must have at minimum these 2 things?

    I think this is more a bug in WordPress, with pages and posts, if you don’t add a title, the post ID is used, but with any custom post type like slides, the post doesn’t work without a title.

    Hmm, ok, at least now I know, thanks for the ultra quick response. I do not know the wordpress api, but I do wonder if there’s some callback function you can create which is called on publish that would allow you to check the post for all required items. If such a callback existed, here would be the place you should check for title and featured slide.

    By the way, I now have a second problem. I published the slides and I marked them as part of a slideshow, but nothing’s showing up in my slideshow. I see the box in the widget and I have the slug name in the Slideshow field. Yet all I see is an empty box. Any ideas?

    I figured out why my slides weren’t appearing. I changed the width from 940 to 200 and now I’m seeing slides.

    So when using widgets, the size of the slideshow has to be the size of the widget. I saw that this sort of thing was over-ridable in the metadata.

    Ok, yet another feature request! It would be really sweet if you put the things you could override in the widget as controls.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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