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  • Plugin Author Josh Leuze


    Hi Anthony, by default there shouldn’t be a gap. This might be a theme conflict, could you post a link to the site you’re working on?

    Hi J,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Here is the link:

    Plugin Author Josh Leuze


    There are some <code> tags wrapped around the shortcode, to start with, switch the HTML view in the post editor and remove those. Could be other things going on too, but those can effect the layout.

    Just removed them but there’s no change:

    It’s weird because the scrollUp transition is fine.

    Plugin Author Josh Leuze


    I took another look, the problem is that the slide images are shrunk a bit, at full size there isn’t a gap. You can make the site wider to see what I mean:

    #pagewrap {
    width: 1075px;
    margin: 0 auto;

    Genius! I adjusted the size of the div, resized the images and it all works fine now. Always the simple thing, eh?

    I’m going to re-lock the domain so that I can continue the development.

    Thank you very much!


    Plugin Author Josh Leuze


    You’re welcome!

    My problem is that I created three slides, deleted one image and now still have three images trying to load, creating a gap. Here’s the link



    I have a separate issue and maybe we can help each other.

    But as far as your slideshow, since you only have 3 slides i think the easiest solution is to deleted the original slide show and create a new one.

    With my show I have 45 slides so it’s a little more difficult for me as I’m trying to work smarter not harder. But for you that should solve the problem it think.

    If you don’t want to do that go back into the slideshow make sure the one slide is actually deleted visually and then check the “no” of slides with the hyperlink on the right hand side. If it still reads three slides then there’s your issue and the slide might still be in your image gallery.

    I’m a novice but just a couple of thoughts.

    Panyanwu, thanks for your help. Yes, I think deleting the slideshow would be the best move. This is only a practice run to see if it works. It does say three images are loaded in the backend and I’m guessing that going into the folder of the plugin that has the picture (on my hosting) might solve the issue? Or it’s just a glitch, which seems most likely. You said ‘I have a separate issue and maybe we can help each other.’ What problem do you have with your 45 images?

    Plugin Author Josh Leuze


    @billbob69 It looks like you removed the second slide image, but didn’t delete the slide post, make sure that in the admin you actually only have two slides listed.


    Thx my friend but i resolved my issue. hope you get yours taken care of as well.

    Ok,thanks @panyanwu Glad you resolved your issue.

    Thanks, also, to @jleuze I’ll take a look.


    I think what Josh told you is what I was trying to say. He’s just better at it…:-)
    Hope it woks for you.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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