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  • When you check these options. Meta SEO Pack will use category’s and tag’s description as value for Meta Description tag. Please edit your categories and tags, and enter appropriate descriptions for them – should work :).

    BTW, I have realized it will be good to provide some default meta description for categories and tags, so I will add such option in one of next plugin releases.

    You also mentioned “ever growing list of problems with this plug”. Could you elaborate more on this? It is hard to fix a problem when you do not know that you have it 🙂

    On the Meta Description settings on the Meta SEO pack, I have both tags and categories checked. Why? because I want something to populate in the Meta Description of the category and tag post. I’d much rather populate something manually, but this seems to be the only way to do it. But even with those items checked, when I view source HTML of the category and tag pages, there is no Meta Description anywhere on the page. You can see this at my blog address above. I’ve noticed that Google is populating a description, but it is the Excerpt from the post–all my excerpts are the same. I don’t know what you mean by “edit your categories and tags”. I’ve looked on my admin page and don’t see where to do this. Can you clarify?

    My other beefs are with the keywords auto settings. Why are the keyword defaults carried over to the posts? This is kind of like keyword spamming since most of my posts will have slightly different keywords from the home page. I’d like to defeat that and only use the manually entered keywords at the Post level. Also, if this is not possible, for the new manually entered keywords at the post level, I would like them to show up at the beginning of the keywords list for the post, not the end, since Search engines give more weight to the earlier keywords. But this is no big deal anyway, since Google, Yahoo etc don’t really use the keywords anymore.

    Lastly, I made another post about robots,follow tag but didn’t get a response. How do I get Meta SEO Pack to publish index,follow robots to my home page/theme? I’ve got “Add tag” checked on the Meta Robots settings, and “Do not index subpages of Front Page” unchecked. I can get the index,follow robot to add to the Posts, but not the home page. That means that I have to add the robots to the home page at the theme level, but that will duplicate the tag on posts since the robots tag on the theme will carry over to the post as well. Again, see the example on my blog address above.


    Meta SEO Pack can use category and tag descriptions as their meta descriptions. When they are not set, meta description is empty, so MSP does not print this tag.
    You can edit descriptions for categories and tags by choosing “Categories” or “Post Tags” from “Posts” menu – I mean default pages used to manage categories and tags.

    Regarding keywords – I assumed that default keywords should contain keywords which describe site in general. Therefore they are used on each post too – these general keywords should be applicable too. I can add few new options to suit your needs listed above.

    For robots – “index,follow” is the default value, which should be used by bots if this is not specified explicitly. At this moment you cannot add such tag to main page using MSP. I can add such option too.

    Thank you. It will be very helpful to have the keyword flexibility and the robots changes to the program.

    Your explanation about where to find the description info in the tag and category settings on the “post” menu was great. I think this explanation should be on the MSP documentation somewhere as it was very unclear when I read it originally.

    I need to be able to turn html escaping in title OFF.

    My posts are indexed like <b>this</b> in google because I am autoblogging xml from google blog search which uses html bold tags in the titles of their search results.

    It’s driving me nuts.

    Any advice?

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