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    My english is not very well but I will try to explain you my problem.
    I'm using Membership Version 2.0.7 on my website savoirsdexperience.com/ which is still in construction.
    I have created two levels in membership :
    - visitors : have only access to the following pages
    * Accueil (Home page)
    * Connexion (Sign up page)
    * Actualités (News page which is supposed to display the posts)
    - subscribers : have access to the entire content of the website.

    The subscriber level works well, not the visitors one and I really don't see why...
    The positive rules for the Accueil and Actualités pages are ok (the pages are displayed), but when I click on Actualités in the menu, it doesn't display the posts as it should but the no access page (page that explains to the visitor the content is restricted)...

    I had the following error message :
    'Invalid argument supplied for foreach() wp-includes/query.php on line 2762'

    that I fixed with the following hack :
    '// Always sanitize
    if ( $this->post_count > 0 ) {
    foreach ( $this->posts as $i => $post ) {
    $this->posts[$i] = sanitize_post( $post, 'raw' );

    but it only remove the error message and doesn't fix the problem of the posts not shown...

    The first time I installed the Membership plugin, it worked very well. I had to reinstall all my blog due to the mistakes and now the Membership plugin doesn't work well...

    Any idea, suggestion, solution are very welcomed !
    Thanks in advance for your time

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