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  • hundsim


    The Membership plugin has the potent capability to be used on a Network level, as opposed to sub-site level. Unfortunately the information for this kind of setup are currently not available publicly. It would be much appreciated if someone kindly could shed some light on this procedure. 🙂

    I have (at least) understood that some of the answer to this lies in the membership-includes/includes/membership-config.php file and setting up a global database table. But exactly what and how to configure this goes beyond my understanding…

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  • cafespain


    If you take the following steps.
    1. Enable global tables in your config (you can do this by putting a define in your wp-config.php file and then it will be upgrade safe).
    2. Network activate the membership plugin

    Then it will be running across all sites in your install, but managed from a single administration interface. This means that you can set rules and options that will operate across the network, such as using URL groups to protect entire sites, setting up a core set of shortcodes across all sites, etc…

    Hope that helps a little bit.



    Thanks alot @cafespain for pointing out direction of where to start. I assume this is the define you’re refering to and that it’s correctly set here:
    define( 'MEMBERSHIP_GLOBAL_TABLES', true);

    Is this all it is to it, to give the superadmin (in the network admin panel) the global control of the plugin? In this recent thread, I’m noting two interesting things: the define is not moved out of the original file and there are other options there seeming very relevant

    It’s quite tiresome not being on the right track, cause in this thread they are mentioning that if not installed correctly, you have to dive into the database and delete selected rows to be able to have the global functionality:



    @cafespain, thanks much for mentioning all that!

    @hundsim, yes, that’s the define that you’d need to edit.

    The thing is, if you’ve already installed and activated Membership, then the database tables on your site will already have been setup for site-by-site us.

    What you’ll want to do first off, is deactivate Membership.

    In the database, the main value you’d need to be concerned about is the m_installed value in your wp_options table. Simply deleting that entry should take care of things.

    With that done, you should be able to reactivate Membership, at which point it’ll create the global database tables.




    That first link you gave simply shows the default config for Membership and you don’t need to edit anything there to get the global stuff working.

    As @cafespain said, you just need to add that one line to wp-config.php and network activate the plugin and you’re away.

    The only time you’ll need to play with the database tables is if you have lots of legacy data in Membership that interferes but that is very rare.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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