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  • Member Level – Access to individual pages not working and short codes from plugin eStore dont function any more.

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  • Hi crashguru,

    Was there anything specific that occurred prior to those things not working anymore? Did you install new plugins, change themes?

    Hi David, I am also unable to make this plugin work. I have set page called members to protect. But it is not doing so. I have double checked the Memebership level, subscription and they are active and in public state.

    And i have disabled all the other plugins as well.

    Hiya dnesscarkey,

    Wondering if you have the level rules as positive or negative? Can you try switching them? (If they were negative, do the reverse in the positive rules for example).

    For a reason we’re still tracking down – this appears to fix things in the odd case that the rules aren’t working.

    Also, there is integration with several plugins that use shortcodes including gravity forms and wp-audio. Haven’t used the eStore plugin before, but similar integration should be possible.


    The plugin never worked and I had spent half a day with it. I do remember that reversing rules fixed some, but not all problems and at the end I gave up.
    It has a very nice user interface though.
    eStore offers its own Members plugin …


    @dnesscarkey, a couple of other things to check along with what Mason mentioned, you’ll also want to be sure Membership is enabled under Membership > Membership.

    And you’ll also want to check out your setup using a user account since Admin sees everything regardless (Admin is basically immune to Membership rules).

    Could you let us know how that goes?

    @crashguru, we’ll be glad to take a look with you on the settings still. A recent update has been made that may resolve whatever issues you were experiencing. Just let us know. 🙂

    Sorry, but this wpmu membership plugin is awful. I wasted days on it but I never got it to work.

    I gave up and went with s2member, which was very easy to get running.

    @foopong, if there’s something specific anyone has trouble with in working with the plugin, we’re happy to assist, as you can see.

    Many times, troubles derive from the plugin settings being configured in ways that cause logical issues like a protected page, which is supposed to be the page displayed in place of protected content, being negated by a page rule that restricts access to it.

    It could also come down to simple logic issues like category rules and post rules set in positive and negative configurations that end up countering each other.

    But that’s why we’re here to walk folks through those types of difficulties. And we’d be happy to help you with any trouble you’re experiencing on that, though if you’re settled with s2member that’s fine.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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