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  • I got two almost identical fatal error message when running this plugin.

    #1 in the blog page (I created template page and create new page)
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 512 bytes) in /home/anakicom/public_html/wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 484

    #2 in the “Edit Members” menu at dashboard
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 55 bytes) in /home/anakicom/public_html/wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 483

    it seems that some people got the same problem (but it’s not with this plugin) here and here. since the solution (changing a WP setting) didn’t applied successfully to everyone that had the same problem and since it’s not specifically related to this Member List plugin, I’ve decided to write a new forum post about this.. maybe it because of the plugin code, not the wordpress setting..

    thank you very much for the help, and I’m very appreciate with this cool plugin! this is what I was looking for before 🙂

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  • iLm@N,

    My name is Matthew and I am the developer of this plugin. I would be more than happy to take some time to help you solve this issue. My intuition is that the issue you are experiencing is probably related to an endless loop. This means that a piece of code is not receiving all the information it needs to complete and it just runs and runs forever which overloads the memory alotted to the script. My code does employ the function on this page:


    The function is uses is:

    function WP_User( $id, $name = '' ) {
    		if ( empty( $id ) && empty( $name ) )
    		if ( ! is_numeric( $id ) ) {
    			$name = $id;
    			$id = 0;
    		if ( ! empty( $id ) )
    			$this->data = get_userdata( $id );
    			$this->data = get_userdatabylogin( $name );
    		if ( empty( $this->data->ID ) )
    		foreach ( get_object_vars( $this->data ) as $key => $value ) {
    			$this->{$key} = $value;
    		$this->id = $this->ID;

    This is what’s called the constructor function for the class “WP_User” which is WordPress’ class for querying and structuring information used for users on the site. As you know the members-list plugin is heavily based in the users of the site.

    Okay, that’s the background. Now let’s solve it. Firstly, what version of wordpress are you using?

    Matthew, thank you very much for the response..

    my WP version is the latest stable one, 2.7.1, and I’m using your 2.0.4 version.. to make it complete, my PHP Version is 5.2.8 and mySQL version is 5.0.67..

    so let’s solve it together! 🙂

    by the way, is there any user reported this problem too?


    So far no one else has reported this issue. I think it may be an issue with my plugin interacting with code from another plugin. Would you mind maybe listing some of the other plugins you’re using. I’d like to get my platform as close to yours to test this. It would be helpful to install the other plugins you’re using.


    here is the active plugin of my site:

    1. AdServe 0.3
    2. Advanced Excerpt 0.2.2
    3. Akismet 2.2.3
    4. BBpress Latest Discussions 0.9
    5. cforms 10.1
    6. Email Users 3.1.6
    7. Event Calendar 3.1.4
    8. Exec-PHP 4.9
    9. FeedBurner FeedSmith 2.3.1
    10. Get Recent Comments 2.0.2
    11. Google Analyticator 2.40
    12. Lock Out 1.1
    13. Login LockDown v1.3
    14. Members List 2.0.4
    15. My Account 0.1
    16. Popular This Week 1.0
    17. Post-Plugin Library
    18. Random Posts 1.1
    19. Register Plus 3.5.1
    20. Similar Posts
    21. Subscribe2 4.13
    22. Theme Test Drive 2.7.2
    23. WordPress Database Backup 2.2.2
    24. WP-Polls 2.40
    25. WP-PostViews 1.40
    26. WP-PostViews Widget 1.40
    27. WP-Stats 2.40
    28. WP-Stats Widget 2.40
    29. WP-UserOnline 2.40
    30. WP-UserOnline Widget 2.40
    31. WP Super Cache

    These are some plugins that I think have any relation with the WP_User you mentioned before are:

    • Email Users 3.1.6. enable admin to send email to user(s)
    • Register Plus 3.5.1. it enhances user form registration
    • Subscribe2 4.13. send email notification to users every time new post published.
    • WP-Stats 2.40. display statistics of the blogs: user’s number of posts, number of comments, etc

    thank you very much..

    matthew, I upgraded to the 2.11 version.. unfortunately, it still not solved my case:

    #1 there’s still error on blog’s page
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 45 bytes) in /home/anakicom/public_html/wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 484

    #2 the “edit members” menu at dashboard
    there’s no fatal error anymore, but it only show blank screen..

    I upgraded to WP 2.8 and your 2.21 version..
    and now it shows exactly like my post above..

    My apologies for the issue. Not certain that it is my plugin causing this as you are the only one with this particular case.

    As far as WP 2.8 goes. I have not yet had time to test my plugins in 2.8. They are only compatible up to 2.7.1.


    well, I think I’m “The Chosen One” 😀

    thanks for your attention, I wish the next version will miraculously solve my problem..


    I may have solved your problem. How many members do you have on your blog? the new version has a much better system for querying. I am hoping this will help solve your issue.


    thanks for your effort and hard work to improve this plugin.. I’m very appreciate this!

    my site has about 3100+ members, and it has an average increasing rate for 10-20 members a day..

    yes, after upgraded to your last version, I’ve got my problem (almost) solved.. the member page in site (you can check it here works very well.. the search function also runs very well..

    but the Edit Members page in Dashboard still show a problem (I think).. after loading for seconds (less than a minute), the page stops loading. I’m unsure all of my members are displayed, because it stops at the user with ID 2000’s, while my latest members’ ID are 3000’s..

    oh, and one more thing, because I’m also an IT-guy like you, I’m a little bit curious about what you’ve done to the code.. can you explain a little? 😀

    thank you very much, matthew!


    I’ve upgraded again to your 2.4 (within 2×24 hours, you’ve released 2 versions, cool! :D), now I want to update my report about the plugin..

    in the Edit Members page in Dashboard, it looks like the plugin loads more members than the 2.3 which I reported above.. to make it more precise, the loaded last member has ID 2842, while the latest member has ID 3454.. I forget the last loaded member’s ID yesterday (when 2.3), but I think it’s about 2100’s..

    while the search user in member page works very well, the search user feature in Edit Members in Dashboard doesn’t work well.. at one search occassion, it shown Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 35 bytes) in /home/anakicom/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 254. at another search occassion, it didn’t show Fatal error, but it shown all members (like the first time I click Edit Members).

    Matthew, thank you very much..

    I’m running Members List 2.9.4 on WP 2.9.2. The site seems to get bogged down and return only 500 Internal Server Errors when the plugin is activated. I turned all my plugins off and reactivated them one at a time, to pinpoint the problem. It seems that Members List may be the culprit. I have the following plugins running on my site and 891 members on my site:

    1. AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Button
    2. Ads Management
    3. Advanced Events Registration Pro Version
    4. Akismet
    5. amProtect
    6. bbPress Integration
    7. cforms
    8. Custom Field Images
    9. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator
    10. Google Analyticator
    11. Manage Your Posts Only
    12. Members List
    13. New bbPress Admin
    14. NextGEN Gallery
    15. Post Event
    16. PRO Player
    17. Search Everything
    18. Surveys
    19. TinyMCE Advanced
    20. TinyMCE Excerpt
    21. WordPress Hashcash
    22. WordPress Navigation List Plugin NAVT
    23. WP Shopping Cart

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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