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  • Plugin Author ternstyle


    Simply do not specify a list in your shortcode.

    thank you!

    I’m having this exact problem but I don’t understand your answer @mpraetzel.

    Here is my shortcode. How do I modify the shortcode below so that adding “new” teachers doesn’t require me re-creating the Teachers List.

    **I only want users of type “Teacher” be added to this list

    [members-list list="Teachers List" search=true alpha=true pagination=true pagination2=true sort=true]

    Thank you!

    Just put:

    [members-list list="" search=true alpha=true pagination=true pagination2=true sort=true]

    Now, all your members will be displayed in member list.

    Hi Dejan990!

    Thanks for the reply. The only problem is that I don’t want to display all my members, only members of a certain role.

    I have Staff, Teachers, & Members and I only want Teachers to appear in the List because its a “Teachers List”…

    how do I do that?



    Is there a way to display the list of users having one specific role?


    Me too
    I need to display a custom list because I want to only list one user role but I need it to update automatically when I add new users to that list.
    My client is adding new members all the time and they will not want to recreate the list everytime they add new users.
    Is there any plan to update this great plugin?
    It works great for me but this small issue is a real problem and I see a lot of folk asking similar questions but always the same reply.


    Same problem here.
    Plugin is great but I have to deactivate it because it’s impossible to generate new list each time that a member enter in or exit from that group.
    In this condition it’s useful only to list all users.
    There is a checkbox in user profile that is possible to check or uncheck but isn’t a comfy solution.
    Anyway thanks for this plugin.



    I’m having the same problem.

    I would like to display a list of users that automatically update.

    Will there be an update of the Plugin?

    Another problem is the “Server Error” What happens when you give an error in the code of any php file. Even caused by another Plugin, the Members List Plugin need to be reinstalled.

    But it is an excellent plugin.

    Congratulations to the developers.

    Plugin Author ternstyle


    Presently the plugin is not setup to automatically update per user role.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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