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[Plugin: Members] Editing published posts

  • I’m using the Members plugin and I need a capability that allows users to edit their own published posts but not anyone else’s published posts. Is this possible?

    If I add the edit_published_posts capability to a role, members of that role can edit anyone’s published posts. If I include the edit_posts capability for the role and don’t include the edit_published_posts capability, members of the role can only edit their own posts but if their post is published, they cannot edit it.

    Am I missing something?



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  • Ok, some clarification is in order. It seems as though I am running into a bug that exposes a bit of a security hole but I’m not exactly sure where the bug is coming from (i.e. which plugin has introduced it).

    I’m using the Gravity Forms plugin to create posts from a form.
    I’m using the Gravity Forms + Edit Post plugin to allow posters to edit their posts through a form.

    If I enter the URL for editing a post through the form and provide a post ID for a post that does not belong to me, I am able to see and make changes to the post through the edit post form.

    If I use the standard wp-admin edit post page and provide the ID of a post that does not belong to me, I get a message indicating that I am not allowed to edit the post. So maybe the issue is that the Gravity Forms + Edit Post plugin is somehow bypassing the role permissions established for my user.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


    Since I last posted this, I have learned that the Gravity Forms Update Post plugin requires filters to limit what users can do while editing posts so the issue I mentioned above really has nothing to do with the Members plugin.


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