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  • I would still like to see what other people use and how it works, especially with respect to integration with LDAP, but I am currently using Members and More Privacy plugin.

    I’m looking into the same point 🙂

    I tried

    It doesn’t let you disable the subscriber profile for one site, strange. Maybe because it’s the basic profile.

    I disabled the read privilege for “subscriber”, but it does not work: I can see the site once I have registered as a network subscriber.

    I think this happens because the role “network user” doesn’t exist, and it is not the same as “subscriber ” site.

    I’m looking for others solutions.

    Have you found something that solved this point?

    Hi – I know it’s been awhile but somehow I don’t get notified of replies. Maybe you found something already. But I am using more-privacy-options and members together and I know I figured out how to do it with both of those.

    If you still are interested in more information and I hear form you, I’ll get into more details.

    Hi Marisqa,

    I will be very interested in what you have done



    Hi Mark.

    I love the plugin “members” and the plugin “more privacy options.” I think I’m just barely scratching the surface, but here’s how I use them so far.

    First I activated “members.” This awesome plugin seems to integrate with every plugin I install. Every plugin is always asking me, “restrict to which level?” (contributor, administrator, editor, subscriber, etc). Also, the “privileges” under each are totally customizable, and you can also add more.

    Then I simply activated “more privacy options,” went to one of my sub-blogs, restricted it to users only, and viola! – I got this message when I tried to access unlogged in.”Florida Keys Coffee Bean can be viewed by members of this blog only.” You can also choose administrator or members of the entire network when you do the more privacy options thing. (under settings > privacy).

    Hope that helps! Love these plugins.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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