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  • Having the same issue in FF. Trying to play an mp4 file.

    Follow-up from my previous post.

    The video plays fine in Safari, on my iPod Touch, but not thru Firefox on my Mac.

    In my .htaccess I tried placing the following code, but still no luck.

    AddType video/ogg ogg ogv
    AddType video/mp4 mp4

    Does anyone have any ideas?


    I too am having issues with it not playing in Firefox or IE. It is like its not falling back to one of the other players like flash.

    An example post I have been testing this with is at

    Anyone had any luck solving the fall back to flash player issue?

    updated to the latest version, video not working anymore, audio works fine in firefox and IE, but not in Chrome.

    FF 4 beta 7 for Mac, black video, no audio. 🙁 The toolbar at the bottom of the video player is also not right. I tried it on Safari for iPad and iPhone and I’m getting a black screen, without the white play button. is the URL with the bad video. It is an mp4, H.264, AAC audio.

    @georgestarcher – I can play your video fine in FF 4b7! What have you done differently?

    Well, I got it working. For some reason, using the shortcode, it somehow inserted /code at the beginning and code at the end [yes, inverse]. I think that is because I copied and pasted the URL of the mp4 from within the link toolbar button [i had originally made the video simply a link in the post, so when i highlighted the link and clicked the “chainlink” button in the post editor, it popped up the URL which i copied to my clipboard].</p>
    <p>Apparently doing that copy put some extra data in front and behind the URL. Typing it manually, the link to the video works fine on Firefox for Mac, version 4 beta 7, and Safari for iPad and iPhone.`

    Only thing I have done is I did grab the actual current ElementJS files and replace what the plugin installed. Just in a random attempt to fix the automatic flash fall back. It did not work.

    I noticed also Microsoft put out an H.264 plugin for firefox on win7. That might impact some folks too.

    are there any solutions to this problem yet?

    I get black screen for FF and IE, chrome is fine.

    it’s working for me now, the only thing is, it’ll only play after it’s fully loaded, hence the long black screen waiting.

    What did you do to get it working, auphoria?

    Looks like the IE issue for MediaElement.js is still unresolved? For audio, I can see the controls, but when I click play the audio doesn’t load and I just get a blank/black area. Works fine for Safari, but not for IE. Has anyone got to the bottom of this?



    The strange thing is that the demo of mediaelement works perfectly in ie, but not the WP plugin – I see the controls, but clicking play doesn’t start the music

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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