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  1. dragonsjaw
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am looking for a SMS widget that will allow people to enter their cell numbers and be texted ONLY when we are posting an ALERT or EMERGENCY type post, so I need to be able to toggle this in the write pane of WP.. is this possible with this plugin?


  2. Gary Bury
    Posted 4 years ago #

    There is not currently a way to select which type of posts are sent out via this plugin and hence I'm not sure it will work for you.

    On a side note, and I hope you don't mind me saying: The email to SMS gateways that this plugin uses can sometimes be slow and occasionally temperamental. For this reason I wouldn't advise it for alerts or emergency style info.

    If the message is critical I'd recommend using a 'paid for' SMS API as these use much faster, higher quality delivery routes. Unfortunately I don't know of any plugin (either paid for or free) that will help you.

    I like your idea though.

  3. dragonsjaw
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thank you Gary for your reply and the info.
    If you don't know of any, and after 2 days of searching around I haven't found any, then I guess I need another idea.

    The plug-in (wordpress-text-message) seemed promising, but it does not load properly and after several installs I am giving up on it.

    The paid for SMS that I have seen are really set up for huge numbers,
    at most we may have 1000, more likely half that, and only rarely.
    As the site I am trying to use this on is a very local emergency awareness portal paid for out of my pocket.

    Perhaps someone will make a plugin like this? One can only hope.
    thanks again, if you have any 'great ideas' please feel free to contact me.

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