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Row count fix [!] (3 posts)

  1. alx359
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I spent a lot of time debugging for this.

    - Assigning a new row count to Screen Options doesn't work in Media->Media-Tags page (3.2-RC3).
    - Proper WP hook to fix the lost of focus when clicking Media->Media-Tags. (Props to Dion Hulse [WP dev] for hinting the proper way to hook for this. Ref inside.)

    media-tags\mediatags_admin.php li ~315

    ////[alx359] Multiple fixes for the Media-Tags page
    	// Adds the 'Media-Tags' submenu option under the Media nav
    	add_media_page( _x("Media-Tags", 'menu label', MEDIA_TAGS_I18N_DOMAIN),
    					_x("Media-Tags", 'page label', MEDIA_TAGS_I18N_DOMAIN),
    					"edit-tags.php?taxonomy=media-tags" );
    	// Adds the 'Media-Tags' submenu option under the Media nav, but with a new post_type hook
    	// [http://wordpress.org/support/topic/adding-a-media-submenu-issues]
    	add_media_page('Media-Tags', 'Media-Tags', 'upload_files', "edit-tags.php?taxonomy=media-tags&post_type=attachment" );
    	function mediatags__edit_tags_fixes($parent_file)
    		if ( 'edit.php?post_type=attachment' == $parent_file )
    			// back-reference to Media menu, to fix proper side-menu focus
    			$parent_file = 'upload.php';	
    			// Give 'Show on screen' form other names, to avoid conflict with some WP filters (e.g. do not use - )
    			add_screen_option( 'per_page', array('label'  => 'Media-Tags', 'default' => 20,
    												 'option' => 'edit_mediatags_per_page',
    												 'value'  => 'edit_mediatags_per_page') );	
    			// Fix for 'Show on screen' form processing, to make applied rows work
    			// (code extracted from set_screen_options(), as I don't know yet how to hook this)
    			if ( isset($_POST['wp_screen_options']) && is_array($_POST['wp_screen_options']) )
    				check_admin_referer( 'screen-options-nonce', 'screenoptionnonce' );
    				if ( !$user = wp_get_current_user() ) return;
    				$option = $_POST['wp_screen_options']['option'];
    				$value  = $_POST['wp_screen_options']['value'];
    				// persist applied values in wp_usermeta table
    				update_user_meta($user->ID, $option, $value);
    				// redirect to set cookie
    				wp_redirect( remove_query_arg( array('pagenum', 'apage', 'paged'), wp_get_referer() ) );
    			return $parent_file;
    	add_action('parent_file', 'mediatags__edit_tags_fixes');
  2. Paul Menard
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks for the code patch. Guess I'm confused on the actual issue this is supposed to correct.

  3. Paul Menard
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Never mind I see what this does. You are forcing the post_type for the edit tag URL. Cool. Thanks. Was not sure this was an issue.

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