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[Plugin: Media Tags] occasional conflict with same name for tag and media tag

  • I absolutely depend on Media Tags for my student researchers to store and retrieve media on our site at sge.lclark.edu. I have seen occasional oddities, however, with this taxonomy apparently conflicting with another, and now have time to look into it: it appears that when a name is duplicated in the wp_terms table, it generates an error, resulting in a suffix attached to the slug. In our case, we use a tag for each student research project, and the exact same string in Media Tags for their media. This works fine about 95% of the time, but occasionally generates errors when I’m editing a tag or media tag. The reason seems to be that my post tags and media tags share the same ID those 95% of the time, but when their IDs are different (i.e., there are >1 instances of the same name in the wp_terms table), the error occurs.

    Would sure appreciate assistance! Thanks.

    Jim P.


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  • Okay, figured out that taxonomy terms are typically shared across taxonomies, so I edited the wp_term_taxonomy table where a media-tags taxonomy did not share the term with my post tag, and all is fixed. I’m not sure how this started, but now it’d fixed on the Media-Tags dashboard page so all is well.

    Jim P.

    Plugin Author Paul Menard



    Thanks for the notes. I can’t say that I know how this became in that state on your system. The Media-Tags plugin uses the standard WordPress functions to add/edit/delete Media-Tags Taxonomy terms just like is used for post tag and categories.

    In the Media-Tag code I don’t enforce uniqueness meaning I don’t check that a new Media-Tags term is not already a category or post_tag. Internally that term and the Media-Tags Taxonomy information is handled discretely.

    I’ll try and duplicate this on my test environments.



    Thanks, and no worries; I also noted that other custom taxonomies (added by my theme) are a part of that same table, and all share terms, which actually has created a benefit for us as we can script a little SQL operation to automatically add these terms once our students create them as post tags!



    Plugin Author Paul Menard


    Jim, I would recommend NOT to directly add entries to the table via SQL. For each term/taxonomy there are three table which complete the relationship. Might be better to just use the WordPress taxonomy function. Up to you.

    Well, I’m no expert, but it appears that wp_terms is invoked to create a new term, which we’ll already have once the student enters a tag for the project; and I’d assume wp_term_relationships is meant to associate a given term with an object, which we won’t have yet for the media tag (since no media yet uploaded); maybe there are other tables you’re thinking of? Again, our scenario may be different, in that a user defines a post tag as unique to the project, then we are forced to manually define this same term in Media-Tags as well as a slideshow taxonomy used by our theme prior to the user uploading media…thus I was hoping some SQL routine would make things a bit easier!…maybe not?…

    Plugin Author Paul Menard


    The three tables are wp_terms, wp_term_relationship and wp_term_taxonomy. Good luck. Let me know if I can help with things related to Media-Tags.

    I’ve experienced a similar issue which is how I found this page. It looks like if a tag is created in Media Tags first, the same term cannot be used as a tag for posts. If the tag is created for posts first, Media Tags will create it without appending -1 to the tag.

    I’m looking for a way to use the same tags for posts and media without having to create them in both locations.

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