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[Plugin: Media Library Assistant] Thank you and question about possible future feature

  • Hi! Wanted to tell you thanks, I think this is a great plug-in and I appreciate your help when I was having trouble before (around the time you released version 0.11). No more problems, and the changes since have all been great.

    I have a question about the one feature that would make this absolutely beyond perfect for my needs: a way to find media by tags/categories in the Add Media pop-up when I’m doing a new post. I’m guessing it’s at least possible, since something along these lines exists in http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/media-tags/ – but that hasn’t been updated in forever and isn’t, overall, as good as MLA for me anyway. My site has a new image coming up every three hours, 24/7, out of a large user-submitted pool that’s living on my hard drive, and I try to have them lined up in advance. Right now, I upload a day’s worth, put the appropriate credits in the captions, and schedule them, then go on to the next day’s. Being able to upload and credit/caption them as they come in, then using tags/categories to find them when I’m doing the posts, would make it simpler – and would also make it easier for me to give a couple of other people the ability to do it if life happens and I can’t. If you want to see it, site is http://cheezland.org

    If it’s not feasible, or not a direction you’re planning to go, or whatever, no big deal. I figured it can’t hurt to ask.


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  • Plugin Author David Lingren


    I’m happy to hear that your “Not Found” problem was solved by subsequent releases; thanks for letting me know.

    I haven’t thought about enhancing the “Add Media” pop-up (or the “Upload New Media” screens). I am going to work on a search capability for the Media Library Assistant screen, and I will see if that can be added to the “Add Media” pop-up as well. Thanks for a great idea!

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    This issue has just been raised again:

    Clarifications needed

    What I plan to do is add a new tab to the WordPress (3.5) “Insert Media” popup dialog with all of the filtering options up see on the Media/Assistant screen (mime types, date ranges, categories/tags, enhanced search box, author). It’s the right thing to do, but it’s a significant piece of work that includes Javascript and Ajax elements. I hope to add it to version 1.2, two releases from now.

    Thanks again for the suggestion and for using the plugin.

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    I have released MLA version 1.20, which includes Media Manager support for filtering the library by date, taxonomy term and additional MIME types. It also includes an enhanced search box that matches the box in the Media/Assistant submenu. The enhancements are available for the Add Media, Create Gallery, Add to Gallery and Set Featured Item functions in the Media Manager.

    Thanks for your interest and your patience. If you have any problems with or questions about the new release, let me know.

    I finally got around to updating my plugins, pesky job that it is, and went to add an image to a post. Wow! I am LOVING the category search in the add media box, it makes my life so much easier than trawling through pages of images. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

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