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  • Hello David & everyone else,

    I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts on the display/creation/functionality of the gallery thumbnail captions and titles. I think that the standard WP gallery is a bit “simplistic” in that regard, and [mla_gallery] could easily add really useful functionality with some configuration options and/or parameters.

    First, a method to freely configure what will actually be used as the caption under the thumbnails would be really awesome. This could be a configuration setting (to set the defaults), as well as parameters passed on through the shortcode. For example, if I wanted my caption under the thumbnail to NOT actually be the caption, but the “title” that I configured in the media library, I would use [mla_gallery caption="title"].

    Second, a configuration like that could also be applied to the “title” that is shown when the mouse is over the thumbnail. For example, if I wanted the long “description” to appear when the mouse is over the image (since the caption already shows the title, or caption, or whatever), I would perhaps use [mla_gallery title="description"].

    If I wanted the caption to appear under the thumbnail be the image title, and the mouseover-title to be the long description, the shortcode would be [mla_gallery caption="title" title="description"] – now that looks a bit confusing perhaps at first and requires explanation in the FAQ or documentation. 😉

    Another idea (I saw that first in a plugin called “Cleaner Gallery”) – add an option to link the caption under the thumbnail to the attachment page. I find that really useful for galleries that use link="file" to show the original file directly (or with a lightbox overlay), as it allows the viewer to also open the “details” (attachment) page for the image.

    I hope my feedback is useful, all the best

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  • Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for these great ideas!

    What I’m thinking of adding is some way to specify an HTML template with parameters for fields like title and caption. That would let you add more information to each entry, move them around, build a <table> and so forth.

    Balancing simplicity and power will be a challenge.

    Many thanks.

    I want to be able to automate the placing of jpegs onto our blog. What would be great would be if the already (painstakingly!) added keywords & categories in the jpegs became the tags, and their captions became the image captions when uploaded – if that makes sense?

    You mean, automatically transfer the attachment taxonomy (tags, categories) to the post when you add an image?

    I don’t see how that is related to the gallery captions/titles I was talking about. Perhaps you should start a new topic to cover that.

    Yes that is what I meant. I’m sorry if I have misunderstood your topic – I’m not very technical!

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    I’ve just released version 0.80, which I hope addresses the suggestions Alexander made in his first comment above. Specifically, the new “mla_rollover_text” parameter corresponds to the [mla_gallery title="description"] suggestion, and the “mla_caption” parameter corresponds to the [mla_gallery caption="title"] suggestion. The new Markup Template feature can be used to implement the “link the caption under the thumbnail to the attachment page” suggestion.

    I’m still considering how to address the additional suggestion made by johnharris54.

    I look forward to more feedback and suggestions on this new release. Thanks for your continued interest in the plugin.

    Fantastic, David. Can’t wait to start playing with the update tomorrow. Thank you so much!!!

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