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  • There are no settings, no – but I’ll gladly help figure out what’s going on.
    Are you using any non-standard configurations? Where are you media uploads being stored?

    @madtownlems, no I am not using any non-standard configurations and uploads happen either through the media library or through the upload function of the post or page. So they get stored at /wp-content/blogs.dir/$blog_id/files/

    @joshmac – Can you try updating to 1.2 and let me know if this resolves your issue?

    @madtownlems, thanks for the update, but for me, it is still showing 0kb.

    1) You do have files that are of at least some substantial size, right? Not only files under 1 KB?

    2) Do your uploads get put into year/month folders, like:

    Anybody else experiencing this issue? Hmmm… I’ll keep digging!

    Actually, thanks for mentioning that. I only checked the main site instead of the other subblogs.

    1. yes
    2. yes

    However, when I am on a subblog, I get the following error message, which is similar for each item in my media library.

    Warning: filesize(): stat failed for /home/parkerj/public_html/ in /home/parkerj/public_html/ on line 97

    It looks like it could be a path/directory issue.

    Ok, now it is working for me. I changed this:
    $orig_full_path = $upload_base_dir . "/" . $original_sub_path;

    to this:
    $orig_full_path = $original_sub_path;

    Been looking some more into this, and can’t replicate that error on single site, multisite, any kind of media file… etc.

    Hopefully some more people experience your problem so we can figure out what’s causing it!

    In the meantime, glad you got something working for ya. Cheers

    @madtownlems, my Nginx setup may be a little different and that being why the path is wrong. Thanks again for the plugin.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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