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  • When you look at the same image in your Media Library, does it also show the wrong credit?

    In the Media Library it says the Credit Source Name that I added, but pulls up username when I add template tag. Is that what you mean?

    Yes, that’s what I was asking. Which template tag are you using — i.e. what code is in your theme? Which theme?

    I am using the FrameMarket:

    Right now I added

    <?php the_media_credit_html($post); ?> | <?php the_media_credit($post); ?>

    The other two didn’t pull any information through.

    On this page I have the same picture set as featured image and added the image to the page to see the difference. At the bottom after the social media icons is the info from the template tags.

    Hmm, not sure exactly why this is an issue, but it’s likely that the you are outside The Loop when you use the template tag at the top.

    Can you email me the entire single.php page (assuming that’s the one you edited)? I’ll see if anything pops out at me.

    Thanks Scott, just sent you templates.

    Hi Dana,

    Sorry for the slow response. It seems that media credit might have a bug, or WP core behavior has changed recently. I’ll fix it up in the next version, but since it might be a little bit before I actually publish that, I think you should be able to use the following in the meantime.

    <?php global $post; the_media_credit_html($post); ?> | <?php global $post; the_media_credit($post); ?> | <?php framemarket_postedin(); ?>

    Let me know how that works for you.


    Thanks Scott, really appreciate your support.

    Did it work? You can mark this thread as resolved on the right if so 🙂


    Hey Scott,

    I made the change and it is still bringing in my admin info not the Credit Source, see here:

    I really appreciate the follow-up. Thanks a million!


    It appears there is still no solution for this problem, right?

    I too would like to show a credit for a featured image (outside the loop). I too see the standard admin info not the info I’ve put in the Credit field for this image.

    When I use the code you gave to Dana, Scott, I get:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function framemarket_postedin() …

    The code I gave Dana was specific to the theme in use. Unless you are using the same theme, you wouldn’t want to call that function.

    I am back, still trying to solve this problem.

    <?php the_media_credit($post); ?>

    as well as

    <?php global $post; the_media_credit($post); ?>

    displays the author of the blog post – not the media credit – when used outside the loop.

    Any new development on this? I can’t find another plugin that does what this one does.

    It is a great plugin though. 🙂

    It would indeed be a wonderful plugin, if I could get it to work. I use featured images in my themes frequently, and I get requests for caption and credits under them.

    The way I’ve solved this is with this function: Display caption with the_post_thumbnail. I adapt it to give linked photo credits instead of ‘caption’, and ‘description’.

    It would be even nicer if this function could get the info from the custom field that Media Credit adds. This would be intuitive for the user.

    And yet even more nice if Media Credit had an additional field for the credit link. All photographers who want credit ask for a link to their own site.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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