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  • After reading several other blogs reporting that the pinging function of this plugin is not working over the past few weeks, I’m just wondering when the update to fix that is going to be made available?

    Otherwise what is the point in this plugin when it does not currently work?

    Does anyone know if an alternative? Please post here if you do as I really need to get the pinging up and working again. I’m currently doing all my pings manually which really isn’t ideal…


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  • Does that mean there will not be an update for this so that the plugin actually works??

    pinkgarden, I don’t think the function is the issue with this plugin. Check out these other posts…

    Hi WebTrooper

    Yes I read those posts a while ago, people have a problem with having to sign up to a web site in order to activate a plugin… But my issue has nothing to do with registering to use the plugin or the apparent spam you receive [which I never did].

    My issue is that when WordPress updated to 2.8, this plugin suddenly just stopped working. It was pinging absolutely fine before the update. Many people have posted about the problem but the plugin creators seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth as there hasn’t been any response nor has there been an update to fix the issue. Which renders this plugin useless as I doesn’t do what its supposed to.

    Hello there,

    We never just create plugin and leave it. We always update our plugins as the WordPress updates. We haven’t noticed any problem with the WordPress 2.8 and heard any problem from other users. If you still have problem with this plugin you can contact us through follwing link:
    We’ll be happy to help you.

    Deelip Khanal

    Eric Robert


    Hey Deeplipk, I am kind of new to wordpress. So if a new version of wordpress comes out, would it be best not to upgrade to ensure that any problems will occur with our plugins.

    Because I have the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizerand it says its only Compatible up to: 2.8

    My wordpress dashboard says the new version 2.9 is ready for updated. Should I not update to this version or do you know if the plugin is compatiable with 2.9?

    Hi Eric,

    Ping Optimizer works perfectly for 2.9 as well.
    In fact we upgrade all of our plugin with the wordpress upgrade.

    Deelip Khanal

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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