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  • It’s not a fork. I took a look at the code of Maven Member and while he did a significant amount of work on developing his own plugin, there is evidence of some lifted code from WP-Members.

    But what is more annoying is the lifted text of the readme file that is clearly copy/pasted, then replaced Maven Member where it said WP-Members

    Plugin Author mustela


    Hi there,

    Yes DivaVocals, you are right, I copy/paste the description from WP-Members, because I’m not a native english speaker, and at the beginning both plugins had almost the same features, so I tough it wouldn’t be a problem. Sorry if it was.
    Anyways I’ll try to write a new description during this week. Sorry again.

    And as Chad said, this is a very different plugin, I mean, the objective is the same, to protect pages/posts, but it has different features (at least from my point of view) than WP – Members (this is a great plugin too), and I if you check the code, you will see that mine is different from WP-Member.

    Chad – Thanks for the response.. (was hoping you would respond)

    Mustela – I understand that you are not a native English speaker, but the copy and paste lends to questions like mine. Based on the description alone one would be under the impression that these two plugins are the same. It is somewhat misleading if they are not..

    It would help those of us browsing plugins to KNOW what your plugin offers. If it is in fact similar but different than WP-Members, then it would be helpful if you could list the features of your plugin.

    I can (and will) download both to compare and decide for myself, but your current description is very misleading..

    Plugin Author mustela


    Yes, you are right, my mistake.

    I’ve changed it a minute ago, but I’ll work on it during the weekend to have a better description.

    Thanks for your comments!


    Thanks for the updated description (looks like it changed twice in the last 24 hours). Your description clears things up tremendously for me, but allow me to ask a few clarifying questions.

    It appears that your plugin will allow me to block an entire category. Is that correct?? If yes is the restricted category not shown in category lists or is the user presented with a page which informs them that the page they are accessing contains restricted content?

    I still plan to download and compare both this weekend to see which one is closer my my client’s needs, but hoping to get some things clarified before then..

    Plugin Author mustela



    Yes, the plugin lets you block an entire category (I hope 🙂 ). The categories are not restricted in menues or category lists (it’s a nice feature to add). If a user try to enter to any post under a protected category, a login will be required. Or the user can register and then access to the content (this is something you can configure).

    This is the idea, there are still some issues but I’m working hard to clean it.

    I hope it helps

    Fantastic.. One last question:

    You stated their if the user tries to enter a restricted post, page or category, they will be directed to a login page. Since my client requires a membership/subscription to view restricted content (we will be using a separate e-commerce solution to collect membership fees), they very much would like to make sure that a registration option is not presented to everyone who accesses restricted content.

    Ideally they would like for visitors who access a restricted page to be informed that the page is restricted with only a login form for those who have a membership to use. My client prefers to manually send the URL of the registration page out to those who have paid for a valid membership.

    Is this possible with your plugin??

    Plugin Author mustela


    Yes, you can enable or disable the registration feature.

    And also you can use [mvn-registration] , to show the registration form in any page you want. You can also add/remove fields, set them as required or not. And customize the layout changing what ever you want.

    Please, would be great, if you have the chance to try it, to let me know if you find any issue :), it would be realle useful.


    Thanks the plan is to install & test your plugin this weekend..

    Thanks for the information.. Will let you know how I get on..

    Begun testing.. have a question.. Site Admins will have access to all content including restricted categories is this correct??

    Plugin Author mustela


    Now you can, with the 1.0.13 version 🙂

    Thanks for the information

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