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    First, I must say that this really is one of the better e-commercer plugins we have tried, so thank you.

    So there are .po files that we can use to translate, however after a short google session, it seems there is no repository/collection for users to submit their language files?! Our thinking is like this: Before we translate into German, check to see if someone already has done this (surely yes). If so, 1) why are the language files not included in the plugin. 2) since they are not included in the plugin, where might they be? Finally 3) If the language files are not available any where, does WPMUDEV want to deal with offering this to the community?

    What’s the official word? All we could find is basically DO IT YOURSELF

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    This might also be useful to others:
    Despite what you may have read, the language files must be named:
    So, for example, German would be named:


    and these files must be placed in the plugins marketpress-includes/languages folder

    Also, when you save the .po file (and thus creating the .mo file) you will receive a warning: internationalized messages should not contain the '\r' escape se...
    This message can be ignored, as the .mo file will still work.

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    Well alright then! We have started a collection of MarketPress Translations:
    If anyone has a translation to add, please let me know, I would be happy to add it.

    Hope this helps in exactly the opposite way that the folks at WPMU DEV seem to.

    Hi there Baden, this is on our latest to do list and with a major rollout of the full blown version we should be able to turn our attention to the language repository. From now on one of our team will be closely watching things over here to support our free plugins also, and to pick up feedback such as this.



    these updates seems to never be fixed or released.. I’m very disappointed with marketpress and wpmudev 🙁
    to have a working lite version with normal translations is imposible.. also wpml-marketpress should have been updated few months ago, but .. silence.



    Hi @majklas

    We unfortunately don’t have the staff to be able to translate the plugin into all the languages that people would like.

    We provide the files to allow people to easily translate using free tools, and occasionally some of our members post translated files on our forums that they provide for others to download.

    I hope that provides an answer to your question.


    Hi Mike 🙂

    The translations are not the issue. Being not able to translate them, o get them work is the issue. I see lot of premium forum users claim the same problems: translations exists but emails are in same English language..

    Hi Majklas,

    Unfortunately we can’t always implement every suggestion we receive, especially when it relates to the free plugins we provide her at We maintain over 140 plugins and offer technical supoprt on all of them… so keeping up with all the bug fixes and suggestions is no easy task.

    With that said, we have every intention of addressing all the suggestions that make it to our feature request list, so if we say we’ll do it, it will be done eventually… but often the changes are made to the full version of the plugin rather than the lite versions we make available for free.

    I’m sorry we haven’t been able to implement this particular request in this version of the plugin at this time, but keep your eyes on the release notes in case we add it in the future.

    Hi ellbristow,

    thank You for clearing this up. I know You’re the busy bees, but when I consider purchasing a plugin I really digg all the forum I can get googling about particular plugin. I saw months and years of +1 in your forum or purchased users hoping to have feature implemented. I’d really buy this plugin (like wmpl, which marketpress plugin is outdated and never gonna be fixed), but today, I can live it up with the Lite version..
    Sorry for off-topic, but You really need to listen what Your customers say. Silence or “on our to-do list” won’t get them pleased..
    I’m very happy about a feature of wpmu jobs section, but the prices are not affordable in some countries.
    Keep up the good work! I believe MarketPress should be Your flagman as it’s the best eshop for wordpress!

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