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    Just to clarify to prevent others from falling for the same mistake. If you purchase the full version under the impression you will continue to be able to update the plugin if you purchase using the one month membership option you WILL NOT receive any updates.

    The sign up page suggests that you will and claims to provide a “100% money back guarantee” but actually that’s meaningless as in their words “As with many companies including Amazon, Asda, Tesco, etc, we do not offer a refund of digital software.”

    Therefore if you do purchase and need to keep the plugin working with the latest versions of wordpress you will need to keep paying for further subscriptions.

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  • This is a shame as I was ready to purchase this until I saw that it was involved with WPMU. The above post is completely true. They do not guarantee anything and try to get your money back? Forget it. This is a subscription service.

    When you become a WPMU DEV member you get access to our awesome support and unlimited autoupdates.

    Our members find our membership insanely valuable because of our support, with a full time staff of 15+ who actually respond to EVERY request, and work hard to resolve EVERY ticket. Trust me, you can’t find this anywhere else.

    And yes we do honor the guarantee if they’ve allowed us to work with them to resolve their issues and it’s still not working out.

    Hi, WPMUDEV,

    I am using MarketPress for a non-profit and we can’t afford to pay anything monthly but we would like the ability to export orders to CSV.

    This feature is in the premium version of MarketPress but I’m afraid we won’t be able to upgrade to future versions (even of the Lite version), without losing the ability to export. That is, if we buy MarketPress premium but do not renew the monthly support plan (which cannot afford and don’t need for our very basic use), will we be able to update MarketPress without losing the Export to CSV feature?


    Hi Ben,

    Just replied to your previous post.



    “And yes we do honor the guarantee if they’ve allowed us to work with them to resolve their issues and it’s still not working out. “

    Oh really? So where’s my refund?

    “unlimited autoupdates”

    Well that’s great news – please point me to where I can get mine updated?

    I personally do not like the subscription models, and in particular the one presented at WPMU. I am willing to pay for good support as many others generally find better quality, generally the rule but not always.

    WPMU subscription mainly serves WPMU’s premium templates. At Talking Manuals we use a template framework. Themes or templates that are fixed, are becoming less popular. When you are introduced to a theme framework, you will never turn back to a premium template. So there is no need for Talking Manuals and I would say, many others to pay for a $35.00 per month subscription. About the added WPMU;s plugins, there are similar WPMU plugins that are free at

    About MarketPress – WordPress eCommerce I’ve just installed the free lite version and may write a review. The monthly fee of $19.00 per month is not bad and is quite reasonable, providing the plugin possesses out-of-the-box with:
    – Multi-vendor marketplace ready – like Etsy
    – Does not clash with current theme
    – Support is helpful and responsive
    – There is a product grid format with thumbs
    – Each “Etsy-like” seller can access their own page and product admin area

    If any of these items above fail, the plugin would need to be reevaluated. A plugin that would provide these functions is worth at least the $19.00 per month. You can “on demand” stop or initiate the subscription when needed.


    Hi there, just a quick response to your post.

    – Multi-vendor marketplace ready – like Etsy that currently works and you can have a single checkout of a global cart so for example you can shop across the network of stores and then use a single checkout via a global cart.
    – Does not clash with current theme
    Marketpress can use shortcodes so you can simply embed the store elements within your own pages.
    – Support is helpful and responsive
    Whilst we are not perfect we do aim to be and with the changes we have made recently unless at the wekends our response times are in the order of around one hour give or take during the weekdays. We do our best and that includes css fixes if issues occur, we look at all feature requests and incorporate a lot into the plugins, and we will lo into your site to help solve problems.
    – There is a product grid format with thumbs
    We do have a grid format and a brand new version of the lite plugin is on the way also.
    – Each “Etsy-like” seller can access their own page and product admin area
    When using a multisite this is posible.



    @phos flip

    if you drop me an email at Mark it for my attention i will personally take a look into it for you.



    Hi Tom,

    I have downloaded the free version of MarketPress lite and perhaps I will write a product review. I did not see the provision to create an Etsy-like shop. If the lite version is to help warm cold feet of purchasing the pro version, than I’ve asked myself, where is the multi-vendor function?

    Your response states that multi-vendor setup requires a WordPress multisite install. I did not see that requirement within the product overview. The lite version looks, from the feature list, as though it is multi-vendor ready.

    Here are some questions:

    First: In an Etsy commentary, the author states the pitfalls of the Etsy model. One of them being that all sellers pages looks the same. I did not want this restriction in our hunt for an Etsy-like WordPress plugin.

    1- Can the seller layout and brand their own home page? This seems more of function of WordPress rather then of MarketPress.

    Secondly: I and another product reviewer will be writing a review and will be using Headway and Catalyst Themes as frameworks and Ether Content Builder (drag-N-drop js plugin) for page layout.
    2 – Your response states there are no known issues with other themes – great
    3 – The extensive use of shortcodes within MarketPress theoretically would assist in customizing a page without having to use PHP. Is there this extensibility for widgets? Ether Content Builder utilizes widgets as page elements (modules), so you can place a widget anywhere on a page.

    Thirdly: I was not surprised that a WP multi site is required. There is a product review which states that all of WP ecommerce plugins which allow for muti-vendor, require a multi-site install.

    Fourthly: A grid view is basic for any e-commerce application, I did not see that option in the lite version.

    I will be contacting you and would like to thank you for your response and contact information.



    saw this plugin but once i saw wpmude reply as admin … i stop, u should know what i means …

    Not understanding your post, Sonnycool.

    Hi Ron

    Ok so here we go.

    Firstly: in a multisite environment each subsite can have its own theme, and using the shortcode for the paages like category listing, product listing etc etc allows the end user to have a unique eshop.

    Secondly: Shortcodes work if used in for example a text widget, for example in one of my setups i had shortcodes running in a text widget in a sidebar. I am not going to promise that it won’t need tweaking in some cases but without having access to the theme involved for testing its obviously hard to guarantee the results i can only base that on the experience we have had with users.

    Thirdly:Unfortunately that’s just a feature of wordpress, remember its was designed as a blogging platform originally that has been expanded way beyond the original concept.

    Fourthly:Grid view is only available in the pro version.

    Finally be aware that a new highly updated version of the lite version is due for release very soon.

    in response to the comment above your last one, not everyone is unhappy see here for the result of the last person i helped get up and running here.



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