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  • Hiya Christi!

    MarketPress can only display the thumbnails if your theme supports it. Does your theme archive template use the thumbnail feature?


    Hi Philip,

    I love the plugin Market press, in fact I’m using it on two different blogs. However, like another poster, my products are no longer showing up on the products page for either site. &

    I tried your suggestion and reset my permalinks. I got the following error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 256 bytes) in /home3/yahsomel/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3183

    so I increased my memory in the php.ini file to 256m and now I’m getting the following error: 500 Server Error
    A misconfiguration on the server caused a hiccup. Check the server logs, fix the problem, then try again. URL:
    I increase the memory once again to 512m but still the same 500 error. What’s puzzling is that all other pages work as they should except the product page and product category pages.

    Please help. I do so want to keep this cool plugin.
    Many thanks,

    Hi again Philip,

    Just a follow-up. I’m not sure why, but I uninstalled WP Jetpack and everything went back to normal.

    I was only using it for the share tools and I just found a different plugin and now everything is well and good.


    PS. I love your MarketPress Plugin it’s Yah’some!

    Hiya Nekhrahiyah!

    Hmm that’s the second of our plugins we’ve seen conflicting with Jetpack. I’ll do some tests and see if we can find the cause.


    I installed MarketPress on a MU site and have activated the plugin on one site. There aren’t any payment gateways showing. Any thoughts?



    I would like to buy this plugin but I’m not sure how the pricing works. So, I pay for a monthly membership to WPMU, $35, then I pay another fee to upgrade from MarketPress Lite to the full version? I don’t get it. Can I just buy the full version somewhere?



    wait nevermind, I am apparently bad at reading. 🙂 The Lite version is free. I understand now.

    Has anyone figured out how to (successfully) turn off shipping? I have it turned off in the store settings, but I’m still required to enter shipping information.

    @mayday in a Multisite setup, you have to enable the gateways in Network Admin > Settings > MarketPress. You choose which gateways you want users or yourself to be able to use on sub-sites.

    @romanempiredesign, yep, the Lite version is totally free! And to expand a bit, with the Full membership price you mentioned, you actually get all (including MarketPress Premium) the premium plugins and themes we provide. 🙂

    @angelopc, there’s not a way to turn off shipping at this point, it’s something we’re look into.

    Hello – I am struggling here as I am not tech and don’t really understand php etc.

    I want to hide the option to login here:

    I understand that you have added the ability to add define(‘MP_HIDE_LOGIN_OPTION’, true); to hide the login option on checkout in the free version but when I add this to the template-function at this point:

    if ( is_user_logged_in() || define(‘MP_HIDE_LOGIN_OPTION’, true) ) {
    $content .= ‘<p class=”mp_cart_direct_checkout”>’;
    $content .= ‘‘.__(‘Checkout now »’, ‘mp’).’‘;
    $content .= ‘</p>’;

    and at this point

    //don’t show if logged in
    if ( !is_user_logged_in() && !define(‘MP_HIDE_LOGIN_OPTION’, true) && $editable) {
    $content .= ‘<p class=”mp_cart_login_msg”>’;
    $content .= __(‘Made a purchase here before?’, ‘mp’).’ ‘.__(‘Login now to retrieve your saved info »’, ‘mp’).’‘;
    $content .= ‘</p>’;

    nothing changes (or, when I first tried it, I got a fatal error). What am I doing wrong? Help very gratefully received.

    Hiya naomiklein,

    Try adding the define to your wp-config.php file in your WordPress root directory.

    This way, it’ll be there and available regardless of updating your theme or the plugin. It’ll look like this:
    define('MP_HIDE_LOGIN_OPTION', true);

    Hope that helps!

    The new pro version allows for a ‘no shipping’ option. Still a weird little ‘extra step’, to checkout. The only content is the ‘Continue’ button.

    Thank you so much, masonjames. In the end I just deleted the boxes and the text. Not sure that is best idea but there you go.

    I have another problem – that is some stray code here:
    and here:

    Any help here hugely appreciated. I am not a tech and am doing this for a friend – no budget for premium version. I can’t begin to identify what is wrong…


    Hiya naomiklien,

    That’s definitely odd. I’ll take a look, but in the meantime, do you have any caching plugins enabled on your site?

    No – never even thought of it. Should I?
    Do you need access to the code?

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