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  • @ssamik MarketPress doesn’t support Nets I’m afraid. However, it is possible to add your own payment gateways so you should be able to implement support for Nets.


    Been playing with the plugin this week. So far I really like.

    However, I have encountered 2 small issues.

    1. The product custom post type is setup to use the default “with_front” setting of true. As a result all products are appended with the “/blog” front end resulting in:

    instead of

    I have temporarily remedied this by modifying line 644 of marketpress.php
    'rewrite' => array('slug' => $settings['slugs']['store'] . '/' . $settings['slugs']['products']), // Permalinks format
    'rewrite' => array('slug' => $settings['slugs']['store'] . '/' . $settings['slugs']['products'], 'with_front' => false), // Permalinks format

    The ability to select true or false in the Marketpress settings would be ideal.

    2. I am unable to get accurate results from mp_is_shop_page(). It seems to return false everytime.

    I have dumped the $mp object for observation and it always appears to be false. I am attempting to only show the shopping cart widget on shop page and not on content or blog pages.

    I am currently working on an offine site so I have not links to share.

    running wp 3.1.3 and MarketPress Lite 2.1.1



    after tinkering a bit I resolved my second issue.

    I was calling mp_is_shop_page() in the wrong place, before is_shop_page was defined as true.

    Hiya m@,

    We’ll take a look at the idea of a toggle for the with_front setting. Glad you got the second issue sorted. Appreciate your feedback 🙂

    I am trying your plugin on 2 sites and I love it. I tried many many others before I came across this and seems to be the best out there.
    I don’t see anything on store set-up for Returns.
    I had to delete the pesky little background icons on the shopping cart page (mp_cart_col_product et al) because they were not behaving properly, and I had to make other changes in the icons.css file. I wasn’t able to create a new css file (although it shows, grayed out), so I will have to save and update the icons.css everytime there is a Marketpress Lite upgrade. I guess custom css is a premier option but this is really not fair since the bg images weren’t working properly.

    Otherwise, tho, a great product, very intuitive and my client loves the ease of use.

    Hi lt1833,

    Thanks for your feedback! We’ll pass these items on to the developers to take a look into.

    As an added note, the premium version just received an option to disable frontend css, making it easier to customize that. Usually, the lite version receives these updates rather quickly.

    As much as I have been loving marketpress lite, it seems to be incompatible with my jQuery slideshow here:
    Is there a fix?
    (When I disable the plugin, slideshow works again)

    How do I get support for this major problem?
    Please advise!!

    @lt833 I’ve had a look and I’m not seeing any jQuery errors on your site. It looks like it’s probably a CSS conflict.

    Use a tool like Firebug to find out which styles are affecting your slider and you’ll be able to get that fixed.


    Hi I have just installed WP ecommerce MarketPress Lite and on my menu bar the following is shown
    ‘Warning: Missing argument 2 for MarketPress::filter_list_pages() in /home/gingera1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-ecommerce/marketpress.php on line 1148’

    Does anyone have any idea how to fix this so that It displays the page ‘store’


    @albinomonkey What theme are you using?


    @philip John – WPMU DEV I’m using Modularity by GraphPaperPress

    Okay, I can’t test that theme out as it’s a premium one but I suspect that it’s something specific to that theme. Can you see if you get the issue on the default theme?




    Does anyone have an idea whats going on with my page? When “Products” are clicked, your taken to a blank page:

    Is it something with my PHP?

    @blogtaculous Try resetting permalinks by going to Settings > Permalinks and hitting the update button.


    I am using your plugin on and am liking it a lot more than other plugins I’ve tried.

    But I’m perplexed. Shouldn’t the page have the thumbnail of the images for each product? I’ve gone into Store Settings -> Presentation and changed the options to show WP thumbnail size.

    Thank you,

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 70 total)
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