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  • Hi Matt,

    I really like this plugin, especially how you treat how the post content is saved.

    Unfortunately, there are some basic missing aspects that don’t convert Markdown to HTML:

    • Writing four spaces before text does not mark it as code
    • Writing 1. to start a list, followed in the next item with * does not continue with an ordered list
    • Blockquote is not produced by beginning the line with a “less than” character.

    Thanks for the you you have done.


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  • Plugin Author Matt Wiebe


    That sounds pretty crap. I’ll look into it.

    Plugin Author Matt Wiebe


    Quick investigation only confirms the second list item one, but only when they are separated by a single space. When separated by a double space, it works just fine. Code and blockquotes work fine for me.


    1. Which versions of WP & MoSI are you running?
    2. Are you running any typography-oriented plugins?


    I’m on WP 3.3.1 and MoSI 2.0.

    As far as I know, there’s no typography-oriented plugins installed. It is a theme I installed from somewhere, but it doesn’t import fonts.

    I’ve tried again. The four spaces does not do the code, and the greater than symbol is not making a blockquote.

    If I had your email address, I could even create a user for you on the blog to see?

    Plugin Author Matt Wiebe


    Oh, one other thing: are you using visual editor mode? That could interfere. Use HTML mode.

    Aha, you’re right. The first and third items now work when using HTML view.

    Did I miss this in the instructions somewhere?
    Could the plugin disable the visual editor when it’s enabled?
    Is this fixed permanently by disabling the visual editor?


    Plugin Author Matt Wiebe


    Wasn’t in the instructions – hadn’t thought about it. I’ve meant to disable the visual editor when my plugin is active. In the meantime, you can disable the visual editor in your WP profile.

    Otherwise, test your markdown on to see how it converts. It’s only a bug if there’s a discrepancy between it and my plugin.

    Thanks for the great plugin.

    I’m seeing the same problem with the text between the dashed lines.
    # title here

    >“a quote” -some dude

    some paragraph text


    When i test it on the PHP Markdown sight you linked it worked fine. So, it’s a bug.

    Howdy! Just ran into a markdown parsing problem — the plugin doesn’t seem to be converting automatic links. According to Gruber’s syntax guide, surrounding links with angle brackets (like <> or <>) should automatically create a link (and if an email address is bracketed, the address should go through a simple obfuscation processor). At the moment, though, anything between the angle brackets (and the brackets themselves) simply disappears.

    Obviously, this isn’t difficult to work around, but it’d be nice if this trick worked as well.

    Everything else is working great, though — thanks for this plugin!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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