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  • I just installed the Plugin Manager (version 1.8) and for some reason it is saying this:

    Warning: fopen(wp-content/plugin_manager/tmp/ failed to open stream: Permission denied
    Fatal Error: Couldn’t write downloaded archive to ‘wp-content/plugin_manager/tmp/’

    I tried changing the permissions of the tmp folder but it is saying that I don’t have access. This has never happened before and the permissions set on that folder right now are 411 na dmy FTP program is not able to find the folder even though it is clearly visible in the directory. Is there a way to fix this?

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  • is tmp folder the only folder you can try? Can yu try from another folder? Perhaps contact your host and see if they’re not doing something preventing certain access? tmp is usually reserved for a specific reason by hosts, so perhaps using that is causing the problem?

    are you trying to install it in the webhosts tmp directory, or a tmp directory inside your domain ?

    As Jinsan said, if its into the webhost’s tmp directory, you wont have access.

    no it seems he is strying to installit into a tmp folder within wp-content, but I’m not sure if using tmp works on a host that uses tmp for a specific use. using com, aux and so on would also cause problems causing the folder to be inaccessible. hence trying another folder may offer some solution or some guidance as to whether it is the naming of the folder, or if it’s something else

    These all sound logical. The tmp folder was placed into another folder called plugin_manager inside the wp-content folder when I installed the Plugin Manager. I could try making a new tmp folder but what should I name it and how would I configure the Plugin Manager to know that is the new foldeR?

    I’ve not used the plugin manager, but if yo’ure certain the said plugin is meant work with it (remembering that not all of them do) then read the instructions with the plugin manager – in all likely hood it will probably require a path to be entered for where the plugin files will be uploaded to. Whether it is set from the plugin file for the manager wp-plugin-manager.php (or whatever it is called) or from the admin area I don’t know since I don’t use it.

    Isn’t fopen one of the things some hosts have been disabling? Who are you hosted with?

    I’m actually one of the people kindly hosted by I belive the host name is called Surpasshosting. I don’t know much about them though

    You might just check with their support staff about it. You can do a search here on fopen to see some other threads about it….

    i can try emailing the Surpasshosting people. Any other way to try and make it work though? I just want to install the Spell Checker for my blog. I can always resort to Manual instal if worst comes to worse

    I downloaded 1.8 for a friend’s blog I was building and it wouldn’t install anything. Something is seriously wrong with 1.8.

    Moderator James Huff


    Eric, you’re on a host that has disabled allow_url_fopen() (which is required by WPPM). There is a new version in the works that will use Curl instead of fopen.

    Oh ok that is a sure relief. I can try and maunally instal the Spell Checker. Is there a Beta available for the next version of WPPM?

    I manually installed the Spell Checker and it works great now. SO I can still use plugins but I can’t be lazy lol

    hmm. okay tmp isn’t allowed…

    but its not logical that tmp inside a domain would be locked… its not the system tmp directory.

    Of course, the directory could be named temp or temporary

    Those shouldn’t be locked for non-system use.

    I also wanted to mention that the most current version of the plugin manager seems to create directories and set them as owner apache (if you are running an apache server), then when you try installing the plugin is tries to do it as your user id and then you get the permission errors.

    I can’t believe that this script would do that, but it does/

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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