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  • Is there a way to change the color of a group, after it has been created?

    All the groups that were made before the update that introduced the “color picker”, presently have no way to get a color set for them.

    It looks like the only time the color can be set, is when the group is created.

    If there is no way to change the color after the group has been made, can this Topic be handled as a feature request please?


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  • Plugin Author sujin2f


    Click the group and click the Gear Icon. You will see the group edit panel.

    Thread Starter MKSnMKS


    Hi Sujin2f,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I had seen the gear icon there, but I had a dashboard notice at the top of the page, and this icon seemed to be positioned near that, so I thought it might be something to do with the notice.

    When I hovered over the icon, it changed its appearance, and I noticed the web address pop up at the bottom of the browser view. The web address that popped up was the same page. So I thought it was some sort of link back to the page, or back to top of the page.
    In the main plugin list page, it seems to nothing anyway, if clicked, other than showing what looks like a blank menu on the left.
    There was no hint of what its function might be.
    This icon begins to function when a group is clicked on.

    May I may the following suggestions, any of which I hope are helpful;
    1) When the icon is hovered over, some explanatory pop-up text box, would be very helpful. e.g. “Adjust settings and colors for a group tab”
    2) A text label beside the icon would be handy, especially as there is plenty of space.
    3) possibly consider relocating the icon down to the “bulk actions” line, which would give the appearance of a tool bar for managing the plugins.
    4) A good icon for picking colors, is a color picker icon. A color picker icon is not good for use for “general settings”, but if you wanted to manage colors as separate function then it might be useful.

    Additional consideration – clicks and page loads.
    The present system, works by getting to the plugin list view, then clicking on the group, then clicking on the gear icon. 2 page loads, and 1 pop-up, and 3 clicks from the main menu.

    1 click, and 1 page load, would be saved if there was someway to click on a group name (or select a group), and choose to adjust the settings for that group.
    The popup would still appear on the left, but the group page load is not needed, since the pop-up was able to be activated from main plugin list view.

    This would make it much easier to change colors for plugin groups, because it can then all be done from one page – no forwards and back (or opening new browser tabs and deleting).

    One way this might be achieved is to place a small gear icon in each group label/tab.
    Another way would be to have a small check box in each group label/tab, so the group that is going to be edited can be selected. This might also allow the selection of several groups so that they can all be set to the same color at once.

    Another click and page load saver, is to have a submenu under plugins (on left) that pop-out all the groups, so the user can jump straight from the main menu, to the plugin group (bypassing the need to load the list page of all the plugins).

    I hope some of this is helpful.
    Thank you for your good work.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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