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  • Possible new feature to have ;
    automatic plugin update management

    General Problem
    A user may be keen to have the latest plugin updates (and WP,themes,translations).
    But some plugins may be critical to the site’s operation and they sometimes require other manual tests and checks to be done, before an update should be done.
    So this means that the site can not have various items automatically updated.
    Some plugins can be automatically updated, and some may not, and some could from time to time.

    It would be handy to allow the user to assign any of the following (which ever is easiest to implement);
    a) mark plugins which should not be automatically updated
    b) mark plugins which should be automatically updated
    c) mark plugins which can be updated automatically for the next subversions, but not the next main version
    d) make a setting to automatically update or not-update all plugins unless otherwise set
    e) possibly create a defacto standard for plugins to announce to a WP site, whether the author recommends an auto-update, or if precautions are needed before continuing with an update. So the plugin can over-ride a users setting for an automatic update -for safety.
    f) similar settings for translations, themes, and wordpress (but these are probably presently beyond the scope of this plugin – though may also be not too difficult to expand to).

    I hope some of these are of interest.

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