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  • Hi

    Just a management question.

    If I cloned sites from a template site, I realise they share a theme. So in the same way, do they share plugin settings too?

    In my example I would have a ‘template’ site. The one that is the template for all the rest, perfectly setup and ready to go. So when I change the theme, maybe a hardcoded tweak, all the others change too.

    So is it the same with plugins? Let’s say I go to the template site and change the settings on a plugin, like hide a button on the admin panel via a plugin, do all the sites based on the template change too when the plugin settings change?

    If not how is this done?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hey man

    Noticed you have a lot of open posts with lots of basic WordPress questions, which is great I totally get that you are learning lots and enjoying it. However, I highly recommend that you pick up a book or two on WordPress especially if you are looking to start developing your own site with it, especially Multisite.

    Its not gonna be an easy road for you to create a Multisite without arming yourself with tons of knowledge. Trying to grab knowledge one question at a time on the forums isn’t the best solution when trying to learn a lot to get started. I recommend the following titles:

    To answer this question about plugins, not really sure what you mean by “template” site as WordPress Multisite doesn’t create “template” sites unless you are using a plugin that creates this functionality. In which case, it depends on the plugin you are using and its settings. However, if you make a change within the plugin’s files directly, this will change for all sites on your Network.

    So in the same way, do they share plugin settings too?

    99.999% of the time, no.

    SOME plugins have been written so they’re network ready and allow that, but it’s on a case by case basis.

    There are other plugins which will let you set up defaults for other plugins (pluginception!) but that can get really complex.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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