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  • Hello, I’m having a problem with the wordpress plugin management system. I’ll be as detailed as I can in describing the issues I’m experiencing in an effort to provide as much information as possible.

    I’m using wordpress 2.9.2 and have some 90+ plugins installed for wordpress and Buddypress.
    I first began to notice the problems a few days ago. The first instance of odd behavior came when trying to delete a plugin. I would delete the plugin, it would output the “successfully deleted” message but the plugin would still appear in my list of plugins.

    The next bit of odd behavior came when I would go to add a new plugin via the “add new” area of plugins management. I would select a plugin, click install and it would install the plugin and give me the option to activate. Clicking on activate results in a 500 internal server error.

    The plugin does not activate or appear in my list of plugins. Accessing the wp-content/plugins folder via my ftp client and the installed plugins do show up.
    I have deactivated some of the more recently installed plugins trying to see which might be causing the issue but so far, no luck as the behavior persists.

    I reinstalled wordpress yesterday and doing that got a plugin I had installed then to appear in the list. However, reinstalling today did not result in the plugins I had installed (some of which were purely as a result of trying to troubleshoot the problem) show up in the list of plugins. It still shows 93 plugins, 88 active and 5 inactive. Deactivating a plugin does show it as having been recently active.

    I used one plugin to repair the database and it said that it successfully did so but the errors continue.

    None of the plugins that I’ve attempted to activate today appear in the options section of the dashboard as one might expect if they’ve got options to be configured. So it is basically like they are there but inactive and yet they aren’t listed in the inactive plugins section.

    My webhost is godaddy and I’m using a share host delux plan if that information is helpful to anyone.

    The website is

    I hope all of this helps…

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  • Did you sort this out! I’m having a problem though not exactly the same.

    No new plugins i upload and extract to the plugins folder on the server show in the Manage Plugins list. They are on the server in the folder no problem and with the other ones that show up.

    All the older ones i have are still there and i have even auto updating each one today and they updated from in the Dashboard of WP.

    I recently upgraded to 2.9.2 though i don’t know if this was happening before 2.9.2 at 2.7?

    basically i just can’t install any new plugins because they don’t show so can not activate them!?

    By RandomCatastrophe – It still shows 93 plugins, 88 active and 5 inactive.

    I only see 5 inactive plugins showing in the manage plugins area to. Is this a common error for this problem has anyone else found a fix?

    I can not install new plugins as they DO NOT appear in the WP Manage Plugins Inactive Plugins area but are extracted onto the server in the plugins folder!

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