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  • I do not understand what the purpose of this feature is. Can anyone explain it to me?

    When it is used, the MP user is put into some kind of state where they can no longer use their e-mail to subscribe, and are instead given the message to “ask the administrator” (ask them what, I don’t know, because I can see no way for the administrator to fix it either).

    Why is that option there, instead of just asking users to uncheck the newsletters and other notifications that they may currently be receiving.

    — Jason

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  • I think I am on the point of giving up on this plugin.

    The back end is the best I have seen – the way it handles the e-mails, bounces, the way e-mails are sent out in batches and tracked etc. It just rocks.

    The front end, however, seems to be full of traps, mostly revolving around this dual user system – one system for WP and one for MP. Synchronisation between the two is extremely easy to break, and very hard to join back up again. A single WP user can have many e-mails registered, but can only get back to the admin screen on the first of them.

    Even when I am not logged into WP, MP seems to remember one of the subscribed MP users.

    The front end seems to follow a model that is neither fully integrated with WP, nor the fully separate from WP. For example – even if I am logged into WP, with full user synchronisation enabled, I can subscribe to MP using a third e-mail address, and then go through the e-mail confirmation process. This ends up with multiple MP users semi-synchronised with the WP user, and no ability to select any particular one to manage.

    With the documentation being sparse, it is difficult to tell whether the module is supposed to work like this or not.

    Sorry if this comes across negative, but I have spend weeks trying to understand MP, but just don’t get the front end. Is it me? Quite possibly. Any tips before I give up? I really don’t want to lose that wonderful back-end functionality.

    — Jason

    Just FYI, one model I would like to implement is:

    – Every WP user has one (or maybe more) MP account. The accounts are linked and the link is never broken.

    – A user must register as a WP user to get a MP account (no MP accounts can exist without a linking WP account).

    – A user logs into WP to get access to their MP settings (and if they have multiple MP accounts, get access to all of them).

    This would mean that the subscribe form simply does not exist – a user would to go the “manage subscriptions” page to subscribe or unsubscribe. If they are not logged into WP when visiting that page, then they are invited to do so.

    Is this possible?

    There are other possible models that keep the MP users separate from the WP users. However, if the site allows registration for any other reason, then it makes sense to ensure the accounts are synchronised, otherwise it confuses the hell out of end users having more than one account on the website for different purposes.

    — Jason

    very interesting remarks.

    going to think about these for the next release.

    Your last post is all related to add on MailPress_sync_wordpress_user.

    * Every WP user has one (or maybe more) MP account. *

    As far as i know a WP user has only one email adress.
    Several WP users can have the same email adress (not when created but if you update it …)
    You cannot have several MailPress users for the same email adress (or this is a bug !)

    So for one MP user there is one or more WP users.

    * A user must register as a WP user to get a MP account *

    Easy, with MailPress_sync_wordpress_user

    1. do not use subscription form.
    2. click the option “Allow subscription from registration form”

    * A user logs into WP to get access to their MP settings *

    See in Users menu option ‘Your Subscriptions’.

    * (and if they have multiple MP accounts, get access to all of them) *
    can’t be ! But several users having the same email will access to the unique MP account.

    this thread can be continued @

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