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    # Copyright (C) 2010 MailChimp Widget
    # This file is distributed under the same license as the MailChimp Widget package.
    msgid ""
    msgstr ""
    "Project-Id-Version: MailChimp Widget 0.6.2\n"
    "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: http://wordpress.org/tag/mailchimp-widget\n"
    "POT-Creation-Date: 2011-01-16 19:08:40+00:00\n"
    "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
    "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
    "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
    "PO-Revision-Date: 2012-08-27 12:52+1\n"
    "Last-Translator: Michel Legnered <michel.legnered@gmail.com>\n"
    "Language-Team: Swedish <LL@li.org>\n"
    #: lib/ns_mc_plugin.class.php:72
    msgid "Donate"
    msgstr "Donera"
    #: lib/ns_mc_plugin.class.php:106
    msgid "What you're trying to do looks a little shady."
    msgstr "Det du försöker föra verkar vara en smula otydligt."
    #: lib/ns_mc_plugin.class.php:124
    msgid "MailChimp Widget Settings"
    msgstr "MailChimp Widget Inställningar"
    #: lib/ns_mc_plugin.class.php:124
    msgid ""
    "Enter a valid MailChimp API key here to get started. Once you've done that, "
    "you can use the MailChimp Widget from the Widgets menu. You will need to "
    "have at least MailChimp list set up before the using the widget."
    msgstr "Skriv en giltig MainChimp API nyckel här för att komma i gång. När du har lagt in nyckeln kan du använda MailChimp Widget från Widgets-menyn. Du skall ha minst en MailChimp-epostlista upprättad innan du kan använda MailChimp Widget."
    #: lib/ns_mc_plugin.class.php:124
    msgid "Save Changes"
    msgstr "Spara Ändringar"
    #: lib/ns_mc_plugin.class.php:134
    msgid ""
    "You'll need to set up the MailChimp signup widget plugin options before "
    "using it. "
    msgstr "Du behöver göra inställningar i MailChimp signup widget plugin innan du använder den."
    #: lib/ns_mc_plugin.class.php:134
    msgid "You can make your changes"
    msgstr "Du kan göra dina ändringar"
    #: lib/ns_mc_plugin.class.php:134
    msgid "here"
    msgstr "här"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:26
    msgid "There was a problem processing your submission."
    msgstr "Det blev ett problem med din registrering."
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:27
    msgid "Join now!"
    msgstr "Gå med nu!"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:28
    msgid ""
    "Thank you for joining our mailing list. Please check your email for a "
    "confirmation link."
    msgstr "Tack för att du går med i vår epostlista. Kolla din e-post för en konfirmationslänk."
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:29
    msgid "Sign up for our mailing list."
    msgstr "Gå med i vår epostlista."
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:31
    msgid "Displays a sign-up form for a MailChimp mailing list."
    msgstr "Visar ett registeringsformulär till en MailChimp epostlista."
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:33
    msgid "MailChimp List Signup"
    msgstr "MailChimp List-registering"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:82
    msgid "General Settings"
    msgstr "Generella Inställningar"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:82
    msgid "Title :"
    msgstr "Titel"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:84
    msgid "Select a Mailing List :"
    msgstr "Välj en epostlista :"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:96
    msgid "This is the list your users will be signing up for in your sidebar."
    msgstr "Det är denna lista dina besökare kommer registera sig på från din sidebar."
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:98
    msgid "Sign Up Button Text :"
    msgstr "Registreringsknappens text:"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:100
    msgid "Personal Information"
    msgstr "Personlig Information"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:100
    msgid ""
    "These fields won't (and shouldn't) be required. Should the widget form "
    "collect users' first and last names?"
    msgstr "Dessa fält är inte (och bör inte) vara obligatoriska. Ska widgetens formulär be om besökarens för- och efternamn?"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:100
    msgid "Collect first name."
    msgstr "Be om förnamn."
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:100
    msgid "Collect last name."
    msgstr "Be om efternamn."
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:102
    msgid "Notifications"
    msgstr "Notifikationer"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:102
    msgid ""
    "Use these fields to customize what your visitors see after they submit the "
    msgstr "Använd dessa fält för att ställa in vad dina besökare ska se efter de har skicka formuläret."
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:102
    msgid "Success :"
    msgstr "OK-meddelande"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:102
    msgid "Failure :"
    msgstr "Felmeddelande"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:286
    msgid "First Name :"
    msgstr "Förnamn :"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:294
    msgid "Last Name :"
    msgstr "Efternamn :"
    #: lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php:298
    msgid "Email Address :"
    msgstr "E-postadress"
    #. Plugin Name of the plugin/theme
    msgid "MailChimp Widget"
    msgstr "MailChimp Widget"
    #. #-#-#-#-#  plugin.pot (MailChimp Widget 0.6.2)  #-#-#-#-#
    #. Plugin URI of the plugin/theme
    #. #-#-#-#-#  plugin.pot (MailChimp Widget 0.6.2)  #-#-#-#-#
    #. Author URI of the plugin/theme
    msgid "https://github.com/kalchas"
    msgstr "https://github.com/kalchas"
    #. Author of the plugin/theme
    msgid "James Lafferty"
    msgstr "James Lafferty"


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