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  • Version 1.2.4 of this plugin has some serious bugs, and I simply cannot use it!

    Here’s a list of the bugs I’ve encountered with the sign-up form created by this plugin:

    1. The preferred format (HTML, Text, Mobil) is not displayed on the sign-up form, even though it is displayed in other versions of the form (e.g., embedded code, Facebook app).
    2. If new subscribers click on check boxes to select their interest groups, the interest group data is totally lost upon subscribing! After confirming the subscription, managing the subscriber’s preferences indicates that no interest groups have been selected. Again, this feature works perfectly on other versions of the form.
    3. Only the first field of interest groups is displayed on the sign-up form. If you have additional fields with more interest groups, the additional fields and interest groups are not displayed. Once again, this feature works perfectly in other versions of the form.

    I cannot use this plugin until these problems are resolved. Meanwhile, I am switching to the embedded code generated by the MailChimp website.

    Best wishes,

    Fred Chapman
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    P.S. I made sure that my WordPress installation, my theme, and all my plugins were up to date before I submitted this bug report. It’s not me, it’s you! 🙂

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  • Follow Up: I’ve tested the embedded code generated by, and it addresses the bugs I reported in the WordPress plugin. Unfortunately, the embedded code has a couple of problems of its own:

    1. There is absolutely no confirmation of any kind after clicking on the Subscribe button!
    2. The check boxes and radio buttons do not completely cover the list bullets, which looks unprofessional.

    Can you folks at MailChimp please provide one solution which does everything I need, all at the same time?

    Thank you.

    Prioritizing the Bug Fixes: I’ve spoken with my web project client, and we agree that we can make do without the choice of email format (plugin bug #1) or multiple fields of interest groups (plugin bug #3). What we need most is for the plugin to handle selected interest groups correctly. Could you please fix plugin bug #2 first, before you spend a lot of time fixing the other two plugin bugs?

    That would help us a lot!

    Thanks so much,

    Fred Chapman
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    P.S. The embedded code needs some work too, but that’s not a priority for us. We’d much rather go back to using the plugin!

    Plugin Author mc_nate


    Hey Fred,

    Thanks again for the details. The limitations of the WordPress plugin are something that we hope to have fixed by the time the next release rolls around. While I don’t have a specific ETA on that, it is something that we’re actively working on. In the meantime, the workaround for the groups field is to use either a radio button or dropbox. Those will carry over into the list when a subscriber signs up, as expected. If you’re looking for a little more, currently the best option is to use the embedded form for the most control over the signup process.

    As far as the embedded form goes, that should function as expected within a WordPress site. If you’re not seeing any sort of confirmation popup, it could be that there’s other javascript running on the WordPress page. You can disable javascript in the embedded form and then you shoul be prompted with a “success” page. Here’s a screencap: <- How do disable javascript <- Screencap of signup process after java disabled

    As far as the checkboxes are concerned, while the embedded form isn’t super-fancy, you can style everything via CSS.

    Let us know if we can further assist. We’re happy to help.


    Thanks very much for your prompt and helpful reply! I followed both of your suggestions to get the embedded form working better:

    1. I disabled JavaScript, and now the form opens a new web page with a confirmation message. This makes me really appreciate the plugin’s way of displaying a confirmation message within the form itself (a very nice feature), but any confirmation is much better than no confirmation at all!
    2. I modified the style.css file for my theme. Instead of using a PNG image for the bullets in unordered lists in the sidebar, I changed it to use the default disc bullet, and now the embedded form displays only check boxes with no bullets underneath. Yes, this changes the bullets for all unordered lists in the sidebar, but I never liked those stupid PNG bullets anyway. 🙂

    With your two suggestions, the embedded form is now a very reasonable workaround and will serve us well until the WordPress plugin is fixed.

    Thanks again!


    P.S. MailChimp ROCKS!!!

    Plugin Author mc_nate


    Glad to hear it, Fred!

    If you need anything else, feel free to give us a shout!


    I want you to know how much I appreciate your speedy and helpful technical support. I’m integrating MailChimp into my client’s website, and it makes all the difference to know that your company is serious about supporting its products and services. The high level of support you’ve provided inspires real confidence. I know I can count on you, and that’s why I plan to recommend MailChimp enthusiastically to all my clients!

    Please forward this message to your supervisor. You deserve credit for a job well done!


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