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  • Hey Guys,

    Basically I was hoping somebody could help me troubleshoot this problem – as so far, nobody can. It has become literally, the bane of my life.

    So here lieth the problem.

    1) I’ve installed PopUpDomination on my custom wordpress domain –

    2) I’ve created a list using my MailChimp account.

    3) I’ve tried every variation under the sign to connect the two, I have tried the following:

    * Pasting the list embed code with javascript/css disabled – this results in the two not merging their fields and I get nothing
    * Copying and editing parts of the code – this doesn’t work very well either.
    * Using the basic <form> template provided in the PopUpDom plugin as follows –

    <form action=”″>
    <label for=”name”>Your Name</label>
    <input type=”text” id=”name” name=”name” />
    <label for=”email”>Your Email</label>
    <input type=”text” id=”email” name=”email” />
    <input type=”submit” name=”Submit” value=”submit” />

    This so far has had the most success.

    I managed to get all the way through with a confirmation email once, but this was incorrect – once I had filled in the PoPUpDom sign-up form, it loaded the MailChimp one and made me fill that in also.

    At the moment, if you test it yourself, it works fine and takes you to the email confirmation screen – but no email comes through.

    As I already said:

    1) Once before on a different test/email – the confirmation link came through and I registered – so it’s not an issue of it being blocked/junk etc.

    2) I’ve been told I have conflicting javascript on my site – I don’t know where or what that is, as I have no plugins active apart from these –

    *Wordpress importer

    All I want – the confirmation email to send so I can move on with the production of my bog.

    I will send 20 bucks via Paypal over to anybody who can fix this correctly as so far, no-one has been able to.

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  • Just to note – I’m not using the MailChimp wordpress plugin, I’m currently using the form embed code – that may be the next step in my attempts

    Update – I’ve just created a test list that worked perfectly. Put the bare minimum in it and tested it through MailChimp – the confirmation email sent instantly – so it’s nothing to do with the form/junk box golder

    As soon as I introduce the form to the site however – the confirmation email doesn’t send.

    I then disabled every single plugin on the site – still nothing

    I then disabled the theme – Boldy – and switched to WordPress Twenty 10 basic theme – still nothing.

    So I am literally at a loss for what to do or how there could be ‘conflicting javascript’ on my blog affecting the email confirmation




    I have exactly the same problem. Please let me know if you figure this out.

    Plugin Author mc_nate


    Hey guys, just wanted to touch base here.

    Because that plugin is developed by a third-party, your best bet might be to reach out to them, directly, here:

    Aside from that, I’m afraid our ability to troubleshoot this particular problem is pretty limited. 🙁

    However, if we can help with anything else, give us a shout!


    Hi All,

    I got this to work!!!!!

    Two things:
    1) Only paste in the html for the form. That means anything inside (and including) the <form>…</form> tags
    2) Ensure that in the html for the email field, you change it from type=”email” to Type=”Text”. For some reason Popup Domination doesn’t like the html 5 code…


    Same problem here, I tried to follow these steps 1 and 2, but not working….

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